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When a group of people come together to win a particular position or place, but it is achieved by only one person, then it is called competition. It can be of any type and related to any field. Different types of competitions are organized all over the world. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. But defeat doesn't show that we don't deserve it, but it motivates us to work harder.

Competition should always be taken with a good aim because sometimes people take it wrong way and they have to suffer later. Competing cleanly helps us to progress whereas if we compete to satisfy our jealousy it never proves better for us.

It helps us to get success because in today's world we have to compete for everything and this is the best way to prove ourselves.

Competition gives us confidence, let's say a kid who sings a very good song and he gives a small audition which was done in his city and he wins in it; This boosts his confidence and he can face the bigger stage more easily.

Competition helps us to hone our strengths which proves helpful in our progress. We cannot stay in one place for a long time and competition only helps us to grow.

We all have certain dreams and we can achieve them only when we compete with others. So, we can say that it motivates us to do better.

Competition has many advantages and a good competition not only brings success but it also helps you grow and learn. There is always learning to be done in life and competitions are the obstacles that make us realize how much you have learned. Those who understand how to deal with these obstacles are never affected by them and are always successful.

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