We are all different from each other, but we have the same purpose. We all want to be successful and also want to gain knowledge. We have learned that it is extremely important to compete with others and participate in different competitions to do analysis. I have discussed some of the positive aspects of the contest here and hope it proves helpful to you.


We all have a dream of our own, but the problem is the increasing population day by day and the number of posts decreasing continuously. This clearly means that not everyone can become a musician or a doctor. So, if you want to be something or you have any potential, you have to compete with others and also prove yourself. This process itself has been named 'competition'. In simple language, it is a process through which you can show how you are better than others.

Important Hard work is required.

1. I can also say that competition helps us a lot to improve and analyze our progress.

2. If you are one of those who work hard, then surely competition can prove to be very helpful for you which will bring you success.

3. Competition is necessary because it helps us to recognize our potential and learn more. It also inspires people to become skilled.

This Competition images from this website👉 Nabamart

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4. Final Round One Questions , Describe this image news and date


Note - These four images describe you with 500 words and Date published, before competition joining