Third Round Questions

How to Win the Competition 

Everyone has some plan or strategy to compete. I have listed some of the best strategies here which will surely help you.

1. Know your potential and make the right strategy : There are generally two kinds of things, one 'what you know' and the other 'things you don't know'. There are also some people who have a lot of potential as well as self-confidence which helps them to understand and do better.
First of all you should make a list of those things which you know and then about that which you do not know and then analyze yourself. Now analyze also whether you are able to compete with the unknown share in the given time limit? If yes, then definitely you should start preparing, and if not then focus on what you already know. This is what is called the right strategy.

2. Don't Take It Like the Competition : When you start thinking about winning you don't learn, you just have to remember the things you need. When you start learning your knowledge starts increasing and thus no one can stop you from winning.

3. Keep proper study material : In today's date we mostly use internet for studies but we should know what and how much to study. Because the internet is like a sea which has no end and in such a situation, the more you search here, the more confusion will arise. So take better care of which topic you have to search, it saves both your time and effort.

Positive aspects of competition

Competition can be of any kind, it depends on the situation. Sometimes we compete to be better and sometimes to get better marks. But as long as the competition is fair, good; Otherwise it can also harm us. I have outlined some of the positive effects of fair competition here;

1. Focused : When we work hard to achieve something or win a competition, we become more focused. Doing so helps us a lot to enhance and improve our potential.

2. Helps in progress : When you compete with someone or want to break a record of your own, then you work harder than before and by doing so automatically you progress.

Competition is a good thing and no matter what field you are in, you should always take part in different competitions to test yourself. All these are a medium to analyze your knowledge and learning ability. If you want to become a police officer compete with those who want to be a police officer then you have to prove yourself through a common test. It is very helpful in many ways and we also get to learn a lot. In my view, this is a very good thing and everyone should participate in different competitions in which they can do better.

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