Israeli Attack on Media Offices

Israeli Attack on Media Offices

UN expresses frustration over Israeli attack on media offices, announces Netanyahu's commitment to continue bombing

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he will "respond with full force to Hamas' rocket attacks."

In a televised address on Saturday, Netanyahu said the bombing would continue "as long as it is needed," but stressed that "every effort is being made to reduce civilian casualties."

Netanyahu also said that "it is not us who are responsible for this confrontation but the party that is attacking us."

Israel claims to have bombed the home of a Hamas leader in Gaza, in response to which Hamas has fired several rockets at Tel Aviv.

Tensions between Israel and Palestine have entered their seventh day and are currently showing no signs of abating.

Three more Palestinians were killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza on Sunday morning. According to Palestine, 148 Palestinians have been 

killed so far in the conflict since Monday, while Israel says ten of its citizens, including two children, have been killed.

US President calls Israeli Prime Minister, Palestinian President

On Saturday, US President Joe Biden telephoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to express concern over the situation.

Israel says dozens of those killed in Gaza were militants, while Palestinian officials say 41 children were among those killed.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday expressed deep frustration over the killing of civilians in Gaza and the attack on international media offices.

A spokesman for Antonio Guterres said in a statement that the secretary-general "deeply regrets" the growing number of civilian casualties, including the deaths of ten members of the same family, including children, as a result of an Israeli airstrike on the Shati camp in Gaza.

The statement also said that Antonio Guterres was "deeply disturbed" by the devastation caused by the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City, which included several international media offices as well as residential apartments.

According to the statement, the Secretary-General reminded all parties that targeting civilians and the media is a violation of international law and should be avoided at all costs.

The UN Security Council has called for a meeting on Sunday to review the situation.

On the other hand, US President Joe Biden has called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after another day of violence in the tense tensions between Israel and Palestine.

The international community has called for an end to growing tensions between Israel and Palestine in the region.

On Saturday, Israel destroyed a multi-story building in Gaza in an airstrike that housed the offices of the international broadcaster Al Jazeera and the American news agency Associated Press, while Israel raided a refugee camp on Saturday. Eight children and two women were killed in the attack.

This has been the most violent conflict between Israel and the Palestinians since 2014.

The multi-storey building that was targeted on Saturday had several residential apartments in addition to Al Jazeera's office, as well as the offices of several other local and international broadcasters.

Israel has claimed that Hamas had "military assets" in the building.

The owner of the building has denied Israeli claims of Hamas presence, saying the building housed only the offices of other media outlets and about 60 apartments. 

According to Al Jazeera TV, an hour before the building was targeted, Israeli officials warned that the building should be vacated. An hour later, the building collapsed in an airstrike.

Al-Jala Tower owner Jawad Mehdi said an Israeli intelligence official called him and said he had only an hour to evacuate the building, according to AFP.

AFP heard him rumbling on the phone with the official for another 10 minutes so that journalists could go out with their equipment. The official on the line refused.

Al Jazeera correspondent Safwat al-Kahlot has been working here for 11 years. He said: 'I covered many events from this building, we have spent many personal and professional moments here. It's all over in just two seconds. "

Earlier, Faris Akram, a correspondent for the Associated Press in Gaza, tweeted that bombs could now fall on our offices. "We ran down the stairs from the 11th floor and are now looking at the building from a distance and praying that the Israeli army will change its mind."

Earlier on Saturday, 13 more people were killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, bringing the death toll in the latest wave of attacks to 139, including a total of 39 children.

An attack on a three-story refugee camp killed two women and their eight children. The two women were also related.

According to Palestinian officials, their homes were destroyed in an Israeli airstrike.

Almost the entire family of Mohammad Hadidi, a father of four, was killed in the attack. His wife Maha and their children were in the building with Maha's brother when the attack took place.

Their five-month-old baby Omar survived the attack, which was found in the rubble near his slain mother.

He told AFP he wanted "an unjust world to see these crimes."

"They were safe in their homes, they didn't have weapons, they didn't fire rockets. He was wearing his Eid clothes.

Meanwhile, a man was killed in a rocket attack on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. So far, 10 Israeli civilians have been killed in the conflict.

Israeli bombings have so far injured more than 1,000 people. The Israeli military says only dozens of fighters have been killed so far in the fighting.

In London, thousands of protesters marched through Hyde Park toward the Israeli embassy. According to the BBC's James Waterhouse, shortly afterwards, red or green smoke was emitted from the Palestinian flag and protesters chanted slogans.

Demonstrators chanted slogans calling for the liberation of Palestine and called on the British government to take immediate action to stop Israel's brutal treatment of Palestinians.

Thousands took to the streets in Madrid, Spain, in support of the Palestinians. About 2,500 young people marched towards the city center, waving Palestinian flags.

According to AFP, protesters chanted slogans, "This is not war, this is genocide."

"They are massacring us," said Amira Sheikh Ali, 37, of Palestine. We are in a situation where the Nakba continues in the 21st century.

It should be noted that the Palestinians call the Nakba (tragedy) the establishment of Israel in 1948 when millions of Palestinians were forced to leave their homeland or were expelled from there.
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