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After all, what is this online marketing , it is very important for everyone to know about this subject, especially those people who want to make their career in online field or who want to increase their business more in online. So now the matter arises that how is it different from online marketing, normal or offline marketing. If seen, this is also a type of marketing that works online instead of offline.

Here Avertisers do not need to show their advertisements from house to house, but here the Internet is used for this work. As we know how high the reach of the Internet is and in such a situation, both the Brands and the Advertisers get a lot of benefits from it.

This doubt is of many that what is online marketing in true sense . So let me tell you that Online Advertising is such a marketing strategy where the Internet is used as a medium to get website traffic.

1.   Having Extensive Coverage

If we compare online marketing with traditional marketing, then we can get a lot of coverage in this. With this, we will have more consumers than offline. Since the coverage of online is very high, then it can easily reach many people without any geographical boundary. Which Traditional Marketing cannot do.

2.   Having Large Capacity Information There is

no restriction regarding information in most internet companies, here you can reach as many pages of information as you want to the consumers. Where there is a lot of restriction on it on traditional marketing, there is no restriction on it here.

4.   Real Time and Long Lasting Unity Being

here, manufacturers and advertisers can change the price of their products and their related information anytime and anywhere, which is very difficult to do in Traditional Marketing. Along with this, companies here can also provide good support to their consumers for a long time.

5.   Choosing the right consumers is difficult

it is very difficult to tell that choosing the consumers of the group from which will get more conversion. Therefore, it is very difficult for marketers to find targeted consumers.

A research has revealed that in the last few years, about 92% of users have said that ads are more important for the promotion of any brand's product or service. So according to that it is quite clear that if promotion is done properly with the target audience then the conversion rate can be increased very easily. Due to this the experience of consumers will also not be bad and people will be able to see ads according to their needs. This is beneficial for all people such as Brand Manufacturers, Advertisers and Consumers. And in future we may also get to see different types of online advertising.

What are banner ads good for?

-Double conversion rates, generate leads and sign-ups

-Boost the downloads number of an app

-Enhance brand or product awareness

-Maximize the number of website visits to get better rankings

-Multiply your video streams views and gain new subscribers

-Refresh your customer base and attract more new users

-Drive sales within a seasonal campaign or a quarterly buying cycle

-Maximize your revenue from affiliate marketing.

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Web ad sizes-

Ad Type Dimension

Leaderboard –         728 × 90 px

Large Rectangle –         336 × 280 px

Medium Rectangle –  300 × 250 px

Maximum weight – 40 kb Maximum frame rate – 12-16 fps

Animation limit – 15 seconds

Stop all animations before 15 second.

Looping not allowed. Can add a replay button (only for standard creative)

User initiated sound allowed, File loading not permitted.

Backup Image mandatory

Last frame should have the company’s branding on it.

Accepted file formats:

PNG, JPEG, GIF, HTML 5 and 3rd Party tags for standard creative.

In case of tags, all images should include borders.

HTML Guidlines

An HTML document (mandatory)

If using CSS, it should be separate files

If using JavaScript, it should be separate files

Images (PSD,JPG, PNG, GIF)

Videos (MP4, OGV, WEBM) 

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