Israel carries out a campaign of revenge in prisons, and "Islamic Jihad" warns it against the assassination of the six prisoners

Israel carries out a campaign of revenge in prisons, and "Islamic Jihad" warns it against the assassination of the six prisoners

Gaza - “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: While the intensive Israeli search for the six prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison continues, which entered its second day, the Islamic Jihad movement, to which five of the six prisoners belong, warned the occupation not to assassinate them.

The movement’s leader, Khaled al-Batsh, said: “The assassination of the six prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison in northern Israel, the occupation will pay a heavy price.”

He added: “The message must be clear without ambiguity and we warn the enemy against killing or assassinating them,” and called on the Palestinians to provide them with assistance.

Since the orchestrated escape was revealed, large Israeli forces have embarked on the search process, using the most powerful technical means and large military units. The occupation forces have deployed more than 260 military checkpoints.

The Islamic Jihad movement also stressed, in a statement it issued, that harming the prisoners “is a red line and the occupation must realize that we are ready and able to protect them by all means and methods.” Munthera continued: "Our options are open and multiple  and the occupation must carefully consider what we say." She added: "We will not leave our prisoners alone and will not let them down, and we are ready to do everything to protect and support them in the face of the terrorism they are exposed to."

On Tuesday, the Revolutionary Council of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement "Fatah" expressed its "pride and pride" for the success of the six prisoners in escaping.

In a statement carried by the Palestinian news agency Wafa, he said that the prisoners "extorted their freedom, which is a right guaranteed by all human laws and values," describing what happened as a "great national achievement."
The resistance factions have also warned the occupation authorities of their retaliatory measures against the prisoners, while the conditions inside the occupation prisons are heading to more tension, and the repressive practices implemented by the prison authorities at these times may lead to an “explosion.”
In order to cover up the catastrophic military and security failure after the prisoners escaped from the most protected prisons of the occupation, the Zionist prison administration tightened its procedures in various prisons. The Prisoners' Affairs Authority said it had intensified its staff, after it had completely emptied Gilboa prison of prisoners and they were transferred to unknown destinations. She added that the prisoners of Section 2 in Gilboa Prison, who are sentenced to life imprisonment, were distributed among the prisons of "Raymond, Nafha and the Negev", and that a large movement of movements took place among the prisoners of the Islamic Jihad movement in the prisons, where a large number of them were transferred to cells, and the movement's leadership and a number of others were transferred. Its members aim to achieve Al-Jalama, led by the two leaders, Zaid Bseisu and Anas Jaradat.

She explained that there was a complete closure of prisons and detention centers by the administration, which refrained from distributing meals to prisoners in many prisons and detention centers.
The spokesman for the Prisoners' Affairs Authority, Hassan Abd Rabbo, said that the occupation authorities transferred all prisoners from Gilboa prison to a number of other prisons, and placed most of them in solitary confinement.

Abd Rabbo indicated that the punitive measures included all prisons, not just Gilboa prison, and focused on the prisoners of the Islamic Jihad movement.
The spokesman for the Prisoners’ Affairs Authority warned of the “explosion” of conditions in prisons, as a result of the repressive practices practiced by Israel, and said that the Palestinian leadership is in contact with the International Committee of the Red Cross to put it in the picture of the situation.

Meanwhile, the Prisoners Information Office, one of the institutions that follows up on the prisoners’ file, said that severe tension prevails in all prisons as a result of the punitive measures imposed by the occupation on the prisoners, pointing out that prisons are “on the verge of a dangerous wave of escalation in light of the punitive measures imposed by the prison administration on the prisoners.” “.
In Gaza, Israeli warplanes bombed at midnight on Monday two resistance sites west of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, the “Al-Qadisiyah site” and “Al-Quds site”, where huge explosions resounded in the place that shook the city, and the raids caused destruction in the targeted sites.

During the operation, the Palestinian resistance fired from ground-based anti-aircraft guns towards Gaza. Residents of the “Sderot” settlement, near the Gaza border, confirmed that they heard the sound of machine guns being fired at the city shortly after these air attacks, but no casualties were reported.

A spokesman for the occupation army commented on the air strikes, saying that warplanes targeted Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip in response to the launching of “incendiary balloons.” He said that they targeted a site for the production of rocket-propelled grenades and a military complex in Khan Yunis, inside which there is a concrete factory used to build tunnels.

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem considered that “the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip is an attempt by the occupation to cover up its inability and failure in confronting our people’s struggle, especially after the heroic operation in which six of our people’s fighters took their freedom from Gilboa prison,” stressing that “the conflict between Our people and their resistance with the occupier will continue until our people extract their full freedom from the Zionist colonizer on all the land of Palestine.”

The youth groups active in the "rough popular resistance activities" had hinted at the beginning of this week, the resumption of the activities of the "incendiary balloons" groups, after last week they organized activities for the "night confusion" groups, and before they had activated the activities of the popular marches on the borders, within the framework of Pressure plan on the occupation to end the siege of Gaza.
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