After its superiority in the battles, Turkish drones will transport goods across cities

After its superiority in the battles, Turkish drones will transport goods across cities

The past few years have seen cargo drones transform from an emerging idea into a proven technology that can take online shopping products and essential medicines into homes.

Turkey is one of the countries where the idea of ​​using unmanned aerial vehicles in transporting goods has gained great momentum during the last period, as the country has completed a preliminary research on cargo drones, and is developing systems with plans to open an “unmanned transport route” between Istanbul and the cities of Eski Şehir and Ankara, according to a report by the state-owned TRT news channel.

This approach is considered somewhat ambitious, because the drone that takes off from Istanbul to Eskişehir will need to travel about 303 km. As for Ankara - the country's capital - the distance will increase to about 442 km.

A new era of transportation and logistics
Turkey has announced that the transport of goods by drone will be linked to strict rules, with the safety of aircraft, people and birds being the first priority.

The aircraft used will be able to transport a payload of up to 4 kg, via a designated express air route at a certain altitude.

The next step will be to determine details, such as the path to be taken, the altitude at which the aircraft will fly, and where to land and take off.

The country's General Directorate of Civil Aviation is also conducting a comprehensive study on drones in Turkey, and has so far registered more than 50,000 drones.

No timeframe has been set, and it is unclear how the country will achieve this ambitious goal. But with the right conditions and technology in place, it may be a matter of time until the end goals are achieved, as in the case of Wing, the drone delivery service of Alphabet's parent company, Google.

The company recently delivered 100,000 packages, thanks to the popularity of its services in the Australian city of Logan, a suburb of 300,000 people.

The residents welcomed the delivery of coffee cups, snack boxes and grilled chicken to the drones, especially during the epidemic period. Such developments are amazing achievements of a technology that has yet to prove its value on a larger scale.

Wing also plans to expand to larger cities in the future, and time will tell if Turkey can scale this technology.
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