Al-Nama: Al-Thumama Stadium is a new achievement on the way to hosting the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Al-Nama: Al-Thumama Stadium is a new achievement on the way to hosting the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Khaled Al-Nama, the official spokesman for the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, considered the opening of Al Thumama Stadium a new achievement on the road to hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Al-Nama said in press statements today, Thursday, that the stadium witnessed the first model of air conditioning that was adopted in the World Cup stadiums during one of the inspection visits of the International Football Association (FIFA) in 2009, through a miniature model containing 500 chairs.

Al-Naama said that Al-Thumama Stadium enjoys a special status for the Qatar National Football Team, which won the 2019 Asian Cup, and who made preparations in the vicinity of the stadium.

On the latest preparations for the final match of the Amir Cup Football Championship, which will witness the inauguration of the stadium, Al-Namaa said that everyone knows the importance of this event at the level of the sports schedule of the State of Qatar, especially since the final will bring together two of the best clubs in the country, namely Al-Sadd and Al-Rayyan, and most importantly, hosting It will witness the attendance of the masses at full capacity, or 40,000 spectators, for the first time since the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

The official spokesperson of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy pointed out the importance of using the new system for tickets that were recently put up for sale, explaining that the new system, called the “Fan ID” fan card, will continue during the Arab Cup, which will be held during the coming period.

And other news

Qatar has officially obtained membership in the United Nations Human Rights Council in elections held at the organization's headquarters in New York.

Qatar won most of the votes of the member states in the poll, which took place Thursday evening in a special session, to choose members of the Human Rights Council.

Qatar won 182 votes ahead of a number of other candidates, to secure a seat on the Human Rights Council, for a three-year period starting in January 2022.

The United Nations General Assembly elected 18 members of the 47-country Human Rights Council, which is based in Geneva, but the elections were held in New York in a special session.

Qatar ran on behalf of the Asian and Pacific Group, since according to paragraph 7 of Resolution 60/251 of the General Assembly, the Human Rights Council consists of 47 member states, the majority of the members of the Assembly are elected by direct secret ballot and individually.

The membership of the Council is based on geographical distribution, and seats are distributed among the regional groups as follows: the African Group (13), the Asia-Pacific Group (13), the Eastern European Group (6), and the Latin American and Caribbean Group (8) , in addition to the group of Western European and other countries (7).

The move comes in the context of promoting human rights in Doha, which is widely accepted and supported by member states of the United Nations General Assembly. Qatar also applied for candidacy, armed with a wide record of initiatives to bring peace in the world, and to support dialogue efforts between countries.

The UAE's candidacy file, which also won membership in the Human Rights Council with 180 votes, was criticized by Human Rights Watch , which denounced the tendency of some countries to vote on its file despite Abu Dhabi's negative human rights record.

The United States won the membership of the same council with 168 votes, along with other countries, such as Malaysia, Finland, Luxembourg, and Montenegro, representing multiple geographic regions.
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