Mottaki is heading a high-ranking delegation to Turkey

Mottaki is heading a high-ranking delegation to Turkey

The Afghan authorities are strengthening their security measures and accusing the West of exaggerating the threat of ISIS.

A high-ranking Afghan delegation headed to Turkey at an official invitation from Ankara, in parallel with officials in the interim government confirming the strengthening of security measures to confront what they described as the dangers facing the country.

The Afghan government's foreign ministry spokesman said that Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki went to Turkey at the head of a high-level delegation.

This visit comes at the official invitation of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to hold talks with senior officials there on issues of common concern.

Imminent dangers
In a related context, the local authorities in the eastern province of Khost have tightened security measures to confront what state officials describe as the dangers facing the country.

Despite the people's response to these measures, they expressed their aspiration for the government's interest in their living conditions and facing economic challenges.

In the same context, Interior Ministry spokesman Saeed Khosti said that the government had formed a joint committee from the Ministries of Interior and Defense and the Intelligence Service to pursue government employees suspected of belonging to the Islamic State or involved in criminal acts.

Khosti added, in a press conference in Kabul, that the government will not allow those with foreign agendas to infiltrate it.

He stressed that his government will punish anyone who uses the Taliban's name and military uniform to carry out burglaries on private property or an assault on rights, threatening those involved with the most severe penalties, regardless of their position.

Western amplification
For his part, a member of the Capital Security Committee, General Mubin Khan, said that the Western media is trying to exaggerate the security risks and promote the presence of the Islamic State in Afghanistan, while this organization does not pose a real threat to the new government.

In a statement to Aj news, Khan confirmed that the people do not want to join the ranks of the Islamic State, after the departure of all foreign forces.

He added that major investment projects are expected to start in the country, stressing that Taliban officials held talks with representatives of Islamic and Western countries in this regard.
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