Android phones will soon compete with Apple with space-related updates! Android phones will soon compete with Apple with space-related updates!

Android phones will soon compete with Apple with space-related updates!

Android phones will soon compete with Apple with space-related updates!

Apple is currently leading the way with technology that allows texts to be sent into space, but Qualcomm has now revealed upcoming devices that will be treated similarly.

Android users will be happy to hear that devices coming in 2023 will feature a space upgrade to match Apple's. Satellite technology is already built into the latest batch of iPhone 14 devices, whereby owners can point their devices at the sky and send messages even when there is no mobile signal.

We now know that a whole host of competing manufacturers will use the technology from Qualcomm, which will also help owners stay connected even when they're miles away from the nearest mast. Just like Apple's Emergency Messaging service, the Snapdragon Satellite allows SMS messages to be sent in an emergency — location data can also be transmitted to the atmosphere, allowing you to find them quickly.

However, besides using it when you're in trouble, Qualcomm also hopes phone owners will take advantage of the upgrade to simply stay connected when out of the way. In fact, the company says its technology is the world's first satellite-based two-way messaging solution for smartphones.

So what devices will get this feature later in 2023?

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Qualcomm announced that it is working with companies such as Honor, Motorola, Nothing, OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi to bring the Snapdragon Satellite to users.

There is currently no word on whether the service will be free or if owners will have to subscribe to send text messages to the space. Apple currently offers messaging service to iPhone users for free, but this deal only lasts for two years with the American company, and then says it will start charging customers.

Speaking about the news, Francesco Grilli, Vice President of Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies Inc, said: “Our longstanding relationships with Honor, Motorola, Nothing, OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi are rooted in innovation and delivering exceptional connectivity experiences to consumers. By integrating Snapdragon Satellite into next-generation devices, it will be Our partners are able to offer satellite messaging capabilities thanks to LEO's mature and commercially available global suite, which can allow subscribers around the world to communicate outdoors with emergency service providers, as well as family and friends."

Source: Express

Apple pays a huge fine in Russia

Russian media announced that Apple has paid a fine of 906 million rubles imposed by Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Authority.

According to the available information, the case against Apple in Russia began in 2019 when Kaspersky Lab filed a complaint against it with the Russian competent authorities, claiming that Apple violated Internet monopoly laws regarding iOS applications.

"Apple was inexplicably refusing to release parental protection software Kaspersky Safe Kids, and at the same time launched Screen Time for System 12 with similar features," Kaspersky Lab noted in its previous complaint.

For its part, the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Authority considered that "Apple's actions aim to promote its own products at the expense of the products of developers or other companies, and have contributed to the deterioration of the conditions for promoting competing companies' software with regard to parental control applications in smart devices."

Source: Russian agencies

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