European demands to expel the Chinese ambassador to France after his disturbing statement to the West about Crimea European demands to expel the Chinese ambassador to France after his disturbing statement to the West about Crimea

European demands to expel the Chinese ambassador to France after his disturbing statement to the West about Crimea

80 European parliamentarians called on Paris, in a letter to French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, to expel the Chinese ambassador to Paris, Liu Shaye, after his statement that Crimea is Russian territory.

Le Monde newspaper said in a document it published: "Ambassador Shay publicly asserted that the former Soviet republics have no legal status in international law, stating that no international agreement could define their status. Such comments go beyond acceptable diplomatic rhetoric."

The document considered that the Chinese diplomat's statement violated international law and should be considered a threat to the security of European countries.

"We ask that you declare Ambassador Shay persona non grata in response to his totally unacceptable behavior," she added.

The Chinese ambassador said, in an interview with LCI TV, that Crimea belonged to Russia and moved to Kiev by Nikita Khrushchev's decision, and that post-Soviet countries still do not have an internationally clear status.

Germany Follow-up of two doctors who performed more than 1,000 mock surgeries

On Sunday, the German "Deutsche Welle" website published details of a case involving two doctors in Berlin, who deluded more than 1,000 people into the need for surgeries.

The site said that two doctors in Berlin have been working for 5 years by deluding more than 1,000 patients into the need for surgery, but in the end they were satisfied with anesthesia without performing any surgical intervention.

The website stated, quoting a statement by the Public Prosecution Office in Berlin, that the aim was to obtain the doctors money from these false surgeries.

He stated that, accordingly, the Public Prosecution followed up on the two doctors and a 55-year-old female assistant, on charges of group and serious physical assault in 1052 cases, and on charges of commercial and group fraud in 1764 cases.

He explained that between the years 2013 and 2018, the internal medicine doctor (72 years old) diagnosed his patients who were complaining of problems in the esophagus, especially heartburn, and because Barrett syndrome is considered an early degree of the possibility of cancer, the doctor was stressing the need to undergo surgery in his clinic that induces the effect of general anesthesia. .

His companion, a 67-year-old anesthesiologist, was undertaking the task of anesthesia, but the agreed-upon surgery did not take place.

Since the patients' consent to perform this operation is not considered in such cases, the Public Prosecution has qualified 1052 of these cases as serious physical assault.

The bills issued by the anesthesiologist in this context amounted to more than 137 thousand euros, while the internist, with the help of his nurse, who is at the same time his life partner, received bills of more than one million euros as a result of these false surgeries.

British newspaper identifies three scenarios for the Ukrainian counterattack

Retired Australian General Mick Ryan told the British Daily Mail that Ukraine has three options for a potential spring counterattack.

According to the first scenario, Ukraine may launch one major offensive, using all its forces and resources. The second option is to divide the Ukrainian forces into two groups to launch a simultaneous offensive in the south and east.

As for the third possible scenario, it includes, according to the retired Australian officer's belief, several smaller attacks that are not coordinated with each other.

For his part, retired US General Stephen Twitty believes that Ukraine will use the third option, and will continue to adhere to the "small steps tactics."

It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian authorities have spoken many times of their intention to launch a counterattack.

On April 15, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Schmygal announced that a counter-offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine would take place in the near future.
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