Oslo : NATO foreign ministers are discussing Ukraine's support and file for its accession to the alliance

Olaf Schultz : France and Germany are calling for elections in the northern regions of Kosovo    Moscow : The use of the "iPhone" in the administration of the presidency for official purposes is prohibited  Taher Ben Jelloun to an Israeli channel, The crisis in France and Morocco is caused by the "Pegasus" file : E24 London - Moroccan-French novelist Taher   Oslo : NATO foreign ministers are discussing Ukraine's support and file for its accession to the alliance

NATO foreign ministers discussed in Oslo ways to support Ukraine in its war with Russia, in addition to the file of its accession to the alliance. While the United States supports Kiev's accession to the alliance, European countries express their reservations about joining, led by Germany.

Today, Thursday, the foreign ministers of NATO member states discussed their position on the war in Ukraine and ways to support Kiev, including its accession to the alliance.

This came in press statements made by the ministers participating in an informal meeting held in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, prior to the upcoming NATO summit in Lithuania next July.

In the same context, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken renewed his country's support for Ukraine's accession to NATO, stressing Washington's continuation "to support Ukraine to confront Russian aggression."

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, during a press conference with the US Secretary of State, indicated that all members of the alliance agree that "NATO's door is open to new members" and that Ukraine "will become a member of NATO."

On the other hand, German Foreign Minister Annalina Berbock considered that the time was still "not appropriate" to discuss Ukraine's request to join the alliance, adding that "NATO cannot include a country at war." 

But at the same time, she called for strengthening defense cooperation between NATO members, stressing the continuation of providing military support to Ukraine.

And last May, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov renewed his country's hope to obtain a clear position and perspective on the path of Kiev's membership in NATO, during the upcoming alliance summit in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius.

Russia has repeatedly warned that the conflict could escalate into a "world war" if Ukraine is accepted into the US-led military coalition.

Olaf Schultz : France and Germany are calling for elections in the northern regions of Kosovo

French President Emmanuel Macron said that Germany and France are calling for municipal elections in four regions in northern Kosovo.
"Together with German Chancellor Olaf Schultz, we called on both sides to urgently hold new municipal elections in four provinces, with the Serbian side participating in these elections in a clear way, and Kosovo's implementation of its obligations," TASS quoted him as saying.

Macron added that he held a meeting with Schultz, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, and Kosovo leader Fyoza Osmani, within the framework of the summit held in Moldova.

Vucic said that the Kosovo authorities refused to negotiate with the Serbian delegation on the situation in the region within the framework of the "European Political Group" summit held in Chisinau.

According to him: For the sake of reconciliation between Serbs and Albanians, Pristina must withdraw its forces present in the regions of the north and summon the mayors of cities, and Belgrade, for its part, is ready for dialogue.

Moscow : The use of the "iPhone" in the administration of the presidency for official purposes is prohibited

"Some employees of the presidential administration may use the iPhone for their personal purposes, but using it for official purposes is unacceptable and prohibited."
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Among the targets are Russians and foreigners.. Russian security exposes an American intelligence operation that used "Apple" phones
This was stated by the official spokesman for the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, during his press briefing today, Thursday, where he continued: "Of course, everyone understands that all these devices are completely transparent. There is no need for deception. Of course, their use for official purposes is unacceptable and prohibited."

Peskov pointed out that some continue to use Apple phones for their personal purposes, a small number "may reach 20-30% of employees, and about 70-80% use different Android systems." He added that the possibility of banning the use of such phones even for personal purposes would depend on the "recommendations of the special services."

Taher Ben Jelloun to an Israeli channel, The crisis in France and Morocco is caused by the "Pegasus" file : E24

London - Moroccan-French novelist Taher Benjelloun said that the Israeli spy program, Pegasus, was behind the thorny crisis between Rabat and Paris , especially after President Emmanuel Macron's response was inappropriate to the explanations provided by Rabat in the espionage file that the French official was exposed to.

In a talk show with the Israeli channel “E24” yesterday, Wednesday, the novelist said that President Macron was impolite and Macron complained to King Mohammed VI, but the King of Morocco assured him that Rabat was not involved in wiretapping his calls, but Macron’s response was impolite. Taher Benjelloun adds that King Mohammed VI did not like this behavior, and at that time the estrangement occurred.

He added that France, at that time, began taking measures against Morocco , and accused Macron of adding fuel to the fire through decisions in the European Parliament. Macron's behavior is attributed to his attempt to win over Algeria at the expense of Morocco. He marveled at how Macron abandoned a traditional friendship with Morocco for the sake of Algeria, “and the latter will not give up the historical memory” of colonialism, referring to Algeria’s use of colonial memory to put pressure on Paris in various files.

 He highlighted how, during the era of former French presidents such as Francois Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Jacques Chirac, there were addressees between Paris and Rabat on multiple levels, not necessarily the presidency, and Macron canceled all of this. Macron accused that "he wanted to show all this to Algeria, he made a strategic mistake."

This is the first time that statements of this kind have been issued confirming that President Macron has been exposed to espionage by means of the Pegasus program. The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had admitted that his phone and some of his ministers had been victims of espionage by Pegasus.

The novelist Tahar Benjelloun is one of the most prominent defenders of bilateral relations between the two countries, and he usually explains Morocco's vision and positions in French or Moroccan media published in French. His statements come to highlight that the real problem in the crisis between Paris and Rabat is the Pegasus spy program, and that President Macron has been eavesdropped on and believes that Moroccan intelligence has spied on him. This is the opposite of what was stated in a number of media outlets, which attributed the crisis to France's fear of competing with Morocco's investments in West Africa, and then its position on the Sahara conflict. Its cold stance on Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara may have been exacerbated by accusations of espionage.

And the conversation about Pegasus returned again in France, after Le Monde and Medibar recently reported, after the remains of Pegasus were found in Florence Parly's phone when she was Minister of Defense in the French government between 2017-2022. The French judiciary is investigating the file of espionage on the country's officials, and has listened to a number of victims, but has not released the results of the research.

Morocco denies using Pegasus to spy on French, Spanish or other national officials.

Peter Syarto : Hungary refuses to train Ukrainian soldiers under the "NATO" flag

Hungary refuses to train Ukrainian soldiers under Banner

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Syarto said that his country considers the training of the Ukrainian army under the banner of "NATO" as unacceptable, considering that the alliance must avoid direct confrontation with Russia.

"It is necessary to avoid conflict between NATO and Russia, and therefore Hungary does not support the military training of Ukrainian soldiers under the NATO flag," Sjärto said after a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Oslo on Thursday.

He continued, "Training military doctors where it comes to saving lives is okay. Some countries train (Ukrainian) military personnel on a bilateral basis - we consider this a matter of bilateral relations, but we consider it unacceptable to conduct military training under the NATO flag."

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced a week ago that Denmark and the Netherlands would lead a European coalition to train Kiev forces to fly F-16 fighters, expressing hope that training of Ukrainian pilots would begin in the coming weeks.

Siarto stressed that the issue of Ukraine's accession to NATO should not be discussed at the next NATO summit in July, and said: "The accession of a belligerent country to NATO cannot appear on the agenda. I think there is an agreement in the closed circle that it cannot be accepted." belligerent".

"We can dodge and try to convince the Ukrainians that they will get some kind of schedule to join NATO at the summit, but that would be dishonest towards the Ukrainians. Illusions that are clearly unattainable should not be created," he said.

The "Financial Times" newspaper reported earlier that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky stipulated that NATO leaders draw up a roadmap for Ukraine's accession to the alliance, to participate in the "NATO" summit in July.

And the media revealed that there was no agreement between the member states of "NATO" on the issue of setting a timetable for Ukraine's accession to the alliance.
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