Jewish New Year : Trump attacks "liberal Jews who are destroying America"

Jewish New Year : Trump attacks "liberal Jews who are destroying America"

Former US President Donald Trump attacked "liberal Jews who voted to destroy America and Israel," in a greeting message on the occasion of the Jewish New Year.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump published a list of his accomplishments related to Israel during his term in the White House, commenting: “Just a quick reminder to the liberal Jews who voted to destroy America and Israel because you believed the false narratives!”

He added: "Let's hope you have learned from your mistake and make better choices moving forward. Happy New Year!"

The published list included the former president’s recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights and the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem, something “no other president had the courage to do,” according to the publication.

The publication also rejected accusations that Trump is an anti-Semite , writing sarcastically that Trump is "clearly one of the greatest anti-Semites of our time" in light of his accomplishments.

Trump caused an uproar among American Jews when he accused them on several occasions of disloyalty to Israel because they were not more supportive of him. He also denied ties to anti-Semites after meeting with singer Kanye West and white nationalist Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Novemberw.

Pentagon : The Chinese balloon that was shot down last February did not collect any intelligence information

The Pentagon announced on Sunday that the Chinese balloon that was shot down over the United States on February 4 did not collect or transmit any intelligence information.

According to the outgoing Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, the Chinese balloon did not participate in intelligence activities while flying in the airspace of the United States, saying: “We have confirmed information in this regard, and I can confirm that the Chinese balloon did not conduct any reconnaissance operations aimed at collecting intelligence information.” .

He added that the Chinese balloon that was dropped was a balloon designed to monitor weather conditions and could simply go off course, stressing that "the engine installed on the balloon cannot deal with strong winds at high altitudes."

It is noteworthy that a Chinese balloon appeared in American airspace at the end of last January, and the US Department of Defense shot it down on February 4.

For its part, the Chinese government stated that the United States’ reaction to the Chinese balloon was exaggerated, noting that the balloon is civilian and is used in meteorology.

Pentagon spokeswoman Melissa Dalton announced that Washington is in the process of "reviewing its strategy towards Beijing after the balloon incident, and re-evaluating its comprehensive situation and strategic approach."

The phenomenon of Western objects has been repeated in several regions of the United States and Canada, and the United States accuses China and Russia of using them for espionage purposes.

A senior US State Department official accused China of "targeting more than 40 countries on five continents with a fleet of spy balloons."

USA : The White House confirms that Iran has released five Americans

The White House confirmed that the Iranian authorities released five American citizens on Monday, as part of a prisoner exchange deal, and they are now leaving Iran on a plane.

John Kirby, the White House's strategic communications coordinator, said: "They (American citizens) are not in Iran's custody right now, they are on a plane. We don't know yet how they are doing. I can only imagine they are very relieved." He added that within about an hour, the released Americans will land temporarily outside Iran's borders, after which they will return home.

As part of the swap deal, the United States will release five Iranians and unfreeze $6 billion for humanitarian use.

For his part, a senior US administration official told Reuters that the prisoner exchange agreement that resulted in the release of five Americans detained in Iran on Monday will not change the hostile relationship between Washington and Tehran, but the door is still open to diplomatic methods regarding the Iranian nuclear program.

After months of Qatari-brokered talks, the United States and Iran reached an agreement under which Tehran released five detainees holding dual American and Iranian nationalities in exchange for five Iranians who were being held by the United States.

On August 10, Iran and the United States reached  a prisoner exchange agreement , under which each of them released 5 prisoners, and also allowed Iran to access $6 billion of its oil revenues, which were frozen in South Korea.

Under the agreement , South Korean banks in which Iranian funds were deposited are allowed to transfer them to Qatar under the supervision of the Qatari Central Bank, provided that Iran is not allowed to use them for anything other than humanitarian purposes, in accordance with the US sanctions regime.

The US government notified Congress last Monday that it had issued a license to international banks allowing the transfer of $6 billion to Qatar  without being subject to US sanctions.
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