United Nations: Investigate reports of Israeli violations against Palestinian women in Hebron

Deputy spokesman for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, stated that reports of Israeli violations against Palestinian women in the city of Hebron in the southern West Bank must be investigated.

The Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" revealed yesterday, Monday, that two masked female soldiers in the Israeli army, who were carrying weapons and accompanied by a dog trained to attack, forced five Palestinian women in the city of Hebron to completely remove their clothes, each one individually, and walk around in front of them naked, after... Interviewing women and members of the Palestinian family.

Commenting on the Israeli violation of Palestinian women, the head of the Palestinian National Council, Rawhi Fattouh , stated that female soldiers in the Israeli army forcing women in a house in Hebron to take off their clothes expresses “the extent of the moral decadence of the occupation army and its government.”

The Hamas movement issued a statement regarding the Haaretz report in which it affirmed that “what the occupation army did confirms once again that we are facing a rogue entity against all human norms and values, devoid of commitment to any of the international laws that protect the peoples under occupation.”

For his part, the media spokesman for the Islamic Jihad movement, Tariq Salmi, said: “What the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz revealed today in its report about serious violations committed against five women from the Hebron Governorate represents an aggression that affects all the Palestinian people.”

An armed group calling itself the “Fajr Brigade - Youth of Revenge and Liberation” claimed responsibility for a shooting operation in the Jordan Valley carried out by Muhammad Youssef Zubaidat, “as an initial response to the Hebron crime.”

The group said in a brief statement that it "threatens the enemy that we will attach it to others until he tastes the bitterness of heartbreak and remorse and we heal the breasts of our chaste women."

Palestinian reactions also continued to the abuse of 5 Palestinian women from the city of Hebron by female soldiers who forced the women to take off their clothes, in an incident that occurred on the tenth of last July. and the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh described the attack as "disgraceful" and that it reflects the level to which the "criminal occupation" practices have descended.

In the Gaza Strip, the feminist framework of the Islamic Jihad movement organized a stand to denounce the "crime of assault" on the women of Hebron. A spokeswoman for the feminist framework in the movement said that the incident would not go unnoticed, "and we are confident in the resistance that will not stand idly by in front of this heinous incident."

United Airlines has suspended all flights in the United States after a technical problem

United Airlines announced the suspension of all its flights in the United States for a short period on Tuesday due to a technical problem.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said that United Airlines had asked it to stop all of the company's departures from the United States.

Shortly after, the company announced the resumption of flights after a technical problem hit the company's systems.

The company confirmed that it had addressed the problem, adding that it was working with customers to help them complete their trips as quickly as possible.

The company did not reveal the nature of the technical problem that resulted in the suspension of flights.
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