Bishop Atallah Hanna: Targeting Al-Baptani Hospital is a brutal and inhuman crime against the Palestinians

Bishop Atallah Hanna: Targeting Al-Baptani Hospital is a brutal and inhuman crime against the Palestinians

The Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia, Atallah Hanna, considered that targeting the Baptist Hospital a new crime added to the list of crimes committed against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
Bishop Atallah Hanna said in a statement: “I call on all Christian and religious communities in our region and around the world to take a clear and bold stance in rejecting this aggression. I call on all spiritual, legal and humanitarian organizations and every independent and free person to move with us to stop this brutal aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.” Gaza and Jerusalem.

He added: "I appeal from Jerusalem to every human being who has honesty and good morals, every human being who values ​​justice, freedom and human dignity. We need to unite as much as possible in defending our right to live on this land and to protect our relatives in Gaza."
He continued: " The bombing of hospitals , mosques, temples and ordinary citizens in their homes. Thousands of victims and bodies of the dead under the rubble is a terrible tragedy and disaster. This is the liquidation of a people who seek to live freely. It is difficult for me to find words and phrases that can express the brutality and inhumanity of this crime against the right of our people." In life".
An RT correspondent in the Gaza Strip reported last Tuesday evening that Israeli army aircraft  targeted Al-Maamdani Hospital,  which houses many citizens displaced from their homes in search of safety, with a number of missiles, leaving more than 500 dead and dozens wounded in a new bloody massacre.
Eyewitnesses from inside the hospital reported: “The bombing took place in the hospital courtyard. The martyrs were all burned to pieces. The hospital turned into a pool of blood, and it contained hundreds of families displaced from the bombing.”

French MP: The Israeli army is responsible for the bombing of Baptist Hospital

The head of the parliamentary group of the "Proud France" party, Mathilde Panot, said that the Israeli government has indeed lied on several occasions, stressing that the hypothesis that it targeted the Baptist Hospital remains the most credible.
“The Israeli government has already lied on several occasions, and in wars in general, armies lie,” Bhanot said.
Mathilde Bhanot confirmed that "the Israeli army's (strike) hypothesis remains the most credible." 
During his visit to Tel Aviv on Wednesday, Joe Biden supported the Israeli government’s hypothesis, which attributes the strike to the “Islamic Jihad” movement. Biden said during a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “I was sad and angry about the explosion in Al-Maamdani Hospital yesterday and it appears "The other side is behind this, not you."
The Islamic Jihad movement responded to the Israeli army’s accusation that it bombed Al-Ahly “Al-Mamadani” Hospital in the Gaza Strip , and reminded that the hospital had received public warnings to evacuate. She also stressed that "Israel's fabrication of lies about the hospital massacre is dangerous and paves the way for targeting other hospitals . "
The elected representative from Val-de-Marne relied on some of the retreats made by Israel: “In 2009, the Israeli far-right government said that it did not use white phosphorus in Gaza but then it admitted that it had used it.”
The French representative gave another example and said: “Let us follow the example of the Palestinian-American journalist Sherine Abu Aqla, who was killed by a bullet in May 2022. Israel initially denied responsibility for her assassination, then said that it was likely an Israeli bullet.”
The head of the parliamentary group of the " Proud France  " party, Mathilde Panot, was attacked by far-right activists in France and supporters of Israel, after she commemorated the martyrdom of the Palestinian child  Muhammad al-Durra , shot by the Israeli army in Gaza City on September 30, 2000.
Bhanot posted on her account on the “X” platform a picture of the incident of the martyrdom of the child Muhammad al-Durra, and commented, “23 years to date, all absolute and unwavering support for the Palestinian people. The crimes and Israeli colonial occupation must end. This is a basic condition for peace.”

France : thousands of demonstrators in Paris in support of the Palestinians

The correspondent stated that they were able to gather after the French Council of State revoked the decision to ban spontaneous demonstrations in support of Palestine.
On Wednesday, the French Council of State decided to nullify the government’s decision to ban pro-Palestinian demonstrations , after French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin issued an order banning any demonstrations in support of the Palestinians.
According to  French media  , the French Parliament did not approve the government’s decision to ban demonstrations in support of the Palestinians in French cities.

The State Council said in a statement, “There is no ban that can be based on other facts. The only fact is that the demonstration aims to support the Palestinian population, as determined by administrative jurisdiction.”
It is worth noting that the French police dispersed demonstrations held to express support for the Palestinians  and their rejection of the war launched by Israel against the Gaza Strip, and the police used water cannons and tear gas.
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