Jakarta is not included in the Formula E calendar because of the 2024 elections

Jakarta is not included in the Formula E calendar because of the 2024 elections

Jakarta : The city of Jakarta is not included in the calendar for the next season of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship because it coincides with the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) , In the race which was planned to be held on June 8 2024 at the Ancol E-Prix International Circuit, it collided with the 2024 election period.

"The event planned in Jakarta on Saturday, June 8 will not continue after the announcement of the campaign period in the Indonesian presidential election for most of the month "June. This will have an impact on the logistics of delivering races on the streets of the capital at the same time. Formula E and the authorities in Jakarta are exploring the feasibility of racing in the city on alternative dates," wrote Formula E's official statement.

The tenth season of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship starts in Mexico City, Mexico on January 13 2024. Before starting the championship season, the drivers will carry out trials at the Valencia circuit, Spain on October 23-27.

"Formula E will lead global motorsport next season as the only world championship racing in the three biggest markets of China, India and the United States, along with our debut at the Tokyo circuit and other circuit races such as Brazil, Germany, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom , we have built a calendar that has the potential to engage billions of people in the exciting and entertaining future of motorsport," said Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds.

This season's Formula E will be held for the first time at the Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai, China by holding two series of races which will take place on Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26 2024.

Bodybuilding champion Figueiredo has died tragically at the age of 29

Brazilian bodybuilding star Cristian Figueiredo died tragically at the age of 29, after complications arose while undergoing liver surgery.
Bodybuilder Ricardo Martinez Correa, a friend of Figueiredo, told the press that he was with Figueiredo in the hospital where he was being treated.
He explained that Figueiredo suffered a stroke that ultimately led to his sudden death.
"It was supposed to be a fairly simple surgery, but there were complications that led to Figueiredo having a stroke," Correa added.
He continued: "They (doctors) tried to save him (Figueiredo) and prevent the bleeding from getting worse, then he had an unusual heart attack. His body went into shock. The doctors could not do anything to revive him. There are things beyond our control."
Figueiredo recently achieved a distinguished achievement in his career by obtaining the professional card for the year 2022 in the “Musclecontest” competition in Brazil.
He was preparing to showcase his amazing physique, which is known for its toning in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Physique.
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