Mauritania: Protests continue, with a fatwa demanding the necessity of jihad and a demand for the reconstruction of Gaza Mauritania: Protests continue, with a fatwa demanding the necessity of jihad and a demand for the reconstruction of Gaza

Mauritania: Protests continue, with a fatwa demanding the necessity of jihad and a demand for the reconstruction of Gaza

Mauritania: Protests continue, with a fatwa demanding the necessity of jihad and a demand for the reconstruction of Gaza

Nouakchott : The Mauritanians have not yet placed the blame of their war and discontent on Israel, nor have they, two weeks after the outbreak of Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza, loosened their mobilization belts nor their solidarity activities with their Palestinian brothers through marches and continuous protests in front of United Nations offices and embassy headquarters. Supporting Israel, especially the American embassy.
Donation campaigns for the benefit of the people in Gaza are continuing through multiple platforms, as the “Id B Omar” tribe announced its donation of its women’s jewelry and accessories, while former parliamentarian Salama Abdullah announced his donation of a herd of camels consisting of 45 heads.”
The Assistant Director of the Africa Department at the Mauritanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Achacha Bint Sidi, donated two gold sets worth 4 million ounces, as well as a silver set, an expensive watch, and two months’ salary.
In a statement issued following their major march on Saturday evening, the Mauritanian political parties called on “the Secretary-General of the United Nations to act quickly and urgently to stop the relentless and ongoing massacres in the occupied territories.” They also called on “the permanent members of the Security Council to intervene immediately to stop this war and stop supporting And protect the aggressors, while immediately lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip, opening the crossings, delivering food and medical aid, and immediately beginning to mobilize the necessary resources for the reconstruction of Gaza.”
The parties emphasized “documenting grave violations against humanity in Gaza in preparation for prosecuting the perpetrators of the Israeli war criminals, with the formation of a special criminal court to look into crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli war machine in Gaza.”
“The international community’s ignoring of these gross violations of human rights in occupied Palestine,” the statement adds, “exposes the falsity of the slogans of humanity and encourages the occupation to persist in committing these heinous crimes against innocent civilians and what this constitutes serious violations of the rules and customs of war.”
She added, “These practices constitute international crimes under international human rights law, as explicitly stipulated in the Geneva Conventions of 1949, and that what the Israeli occupation forces are doing in Gaza, which has been besieged for a long time, demonstrates the deliberate sinful will of the Israeli leaders to mass murder the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.” Gaza".
Opening the door to those wishing to engage in jihad, twenty-seven of Mauritania’s most prominent scholars and jurists, led by Sheikh Muhammad al-Hasan al-Dado, issued a fatwa in which they affirmed, “Based on the texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and what the scholars and imams have issued fatwas from, both predecessors and successors of this nation, jihad is against the occupying Zionists.” The invaders who violated the sanctities of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestine are among the most important obligations and duties of the religion, and there is no disagreement about that among Muslim scholars.”
“The matter has been confirmed, add the scholars who issued the fatwa, after the major infidel countries announced their alignment with the enemy, and their support for him materially and morally, with politics, money, weapons, and information, after the support and mobilization of our brothers in Gaza for the nation, and after the mass massacres committed by the enemy around the clock against our people.” “Besieged there, not the least of which is the Baptist Hospital massacre in Gaza.”
The scholars affirmed, “The mujahideen in Palestine today, led by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), and the rest of the mujahideen factions, are among the best mujahideen on the face of the earth, defending the holy sites, defending honor and sanctities, and no one doubts that except the ignorant or the ungrateful.”
Within the framework of the movement rejecting the acts of Israeli aggression, and in solidarity with the people in Palestine, the Independent Syndicate of Chief Police Officers announced in a statement on Sunday, “organizing a major solidarity stand with the brothers stationed in Gaza, denouncing the genocide they are being subjected to, and in support of truth and justice, next Wednesday on Exactly at 11 am next to the Palace of Justice in Western Nouakchott.”
The union called on all justice sector employees, people of conscience, and free people of the country to participate in this solidarity stance.
A large gathering of Mauritanian medical unions organized a stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in rejection of the aggression they are being subjected to.
At the end of the protest, the protesters delivered a letter of protest to the United Nations representation in Nouakchott, through which they called on the international body to play its role in ensuring peace and security for civilians, providing protection for the Palestinian people, and granting them their right to establish their independent state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.
The doctors reviewed some of the losses that have been recorded so far under the bombing of the Israeli war and terrorism machine, such as the death of nearly 4,000 people, 75% of whom were women and children, and the injury of more than 12,000 people, in addition to the martyrdom of 44 medical personnel, and the injury of 70 others. Working in 14 health centers, 5 hospitals being completely out of service as a result of the bombing, and the destruction of 25 ambulances, and the remaining hospitals are facing danger due to the shortage of electricity, medicine, and equipment, and they are facing pressure that exceeds their capacity many times over.

Palestine brings back the beautiful era of struggle in Morocco

Moroccans demonstrate in Rabat in support of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip

The bloody and painful events that Gaza is experiencing these days, the human cost of which is paid by the Palestinian people, turning children into angels, women into widows, and the elderly into easy targets, brought back to the Moroccans those past years of struggle. The slogans were as big as the pulse of the Palestinian cause, and the dream was for the Palestinian flag to fly above The land of Palestine and for the people to live the life of the world without fear, injustice, aggression, killing and displacement.

Asmaa herself did not change her tone of struggle. She remained loyal to the continuous moment in the process of a cause that revives in a person every time his humanity and his need for a just and fair peace and freedom. We find the poet Muhammad Belmo, and most of his blogs are filled with anger and sadness. We also find the political actor Youssef Bousta and he chose for all his blogs One garment is the flag or the keffiyeh. As for the cartoonist, artist Abdullah Al-Darqawi, he crossed the sea of ​​expression to the shore of creativity and sat on the hill of certainty that the pen is another weapon in the right hand.

These people are from one generation, they grew up advocating for just causes, foremost of which is Palestine, this issue that rises to the forefront and becomes the master of the most noble emotions and feelings, which is the right to life and hope.

“This is my auction blood.”
The first voice to jump to the forefront of the present on Facebook, coming from the memory of the struggle, where only the platforms of reality are, we find the poet and journalist Muhammad Belmo, tirelessly and without despair, peppering his daily blog posts with all the purity that his pulse carries towards the Palestinian cause, and he says in a poem he published on his page, “Here it is.” The Holocaust,” he metaphorically refers to Gaza, saying, “And this is my blood in the auction,” and paints a more painful picture, “Bombs are throwing at you, my naked body,” and “covered by the sky and dust,” then he directs his message, “Tell the thugs that my body parts that you are selling are a devastating curse.” He returns to “Here is the Holocaust,” where “The clouds are raining again... blooming among the ruins stained with my blood near a child wrapped in the dirt,” and he continues the drawing of pain in another poetic image, “And here are my eyes taken from my head spitting in your faces, you thieves.” And my fingers, which were scattered under the roar of your planes, crawling and reeling among the fragments of your madness, scribbling on the pavement strewn with corpses the horror of texts, you thieves.”

This poem is the summary of the travail that the poet went through throughout the days of bombing and killing to which the Palestinian people were subjected. It is a painful birth, and the head of the poem appears among the rest of the notes that he wrote in angry, sometimes sad, expressions. Except for hope alone, there was little hope on his page, which included various expressive forms of brief writing. To video clips and songs from the memory of the struggle, when Marcel Khalife says, “The determination is strong, the determination is strong,” and Julia Boutros sings, “The sun of truth has set,” and Fayrouz crowns the decade with, “The bright anger is coming.”

“The right to self-defense”
From poetry, a little tiger, to drawing, and one of its most expressive and eloquent forms is the art of caricature, and in that we find a Moroccan creator, the artist Abdullah Al-Darqawi, who was also present in the incidents of pain and killing that Gaza has been experiencing for the past dark and painful days.

The pen of this artist, who registers his presence every time with skill and creativity, chose in his latest drawing, which he posted on his Facebook page, to place a child dripping with blood, with a bottle of milk intended for infants next to him, under the military boots of a huge Israeli soldier, whose hand was raised up from the end of an acrobat in a sign. To his victory, he wrote “The Right to Self-Defense.”

Before that, the artist Al-Darqawi published another expressive drawing, in which a missile appeared penetrating a sign reading “International Law,” and in the background, fires were burning in a school and a hospital.

Another voice from the time of authentic struggle, Youssef Busta, the political activist who never neglects to publish blogs in support of the Palestinian cause, but in a political language that conveys his positions on the atrocities taking place in Gaza. It was noteworthy that he cited a poem by the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, which says: “And we love.” Life if we can find a way to it and we steal a thread from the silkworm to build a sky for us and fence off this journey and we open the garden door so that Jasmine spread across the streets on a beautiful day. We love life if we can find a way to it.

Based on this pain and hope, he published his latest blog post in which he summarized the distances by saying, “Historical Palestine emerges from the depth of history.”

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