Mohamed Salah breaks his silence and demands the entry of aid into the Gaza Strip Mohamed Salah breaks his silence and demands the entry of aid into the Gaza Strip

Mohamed Salah breaks his silence and demands the entry of aid into the Gaza Strip

Mohamed Salah breaks his silence and demands the entry of aid into the Gaza Strip

After being subjected to numerous criticisms and pressures on social media, Liverpool star Mohamed Salah came out in a video on Wednesday, calling for “an end to the massacres” and the “immediate entry of humanitarian aid” into the Gaza Strip.
The Egyptian star said on his Instagram account: “It is never easy to make statements in such difficult times.”

He added: "In the previous days, we witnessed severe violence and brutal brutality that wreaks havoc on our hearts. The escalating rate of violence that has been escalating for weeks cannot be tolerated. All lives are sacred and must be protected."

He continued: "The massacres must stop. Families are being torn apart. Humanitarian support must be allowed to be provided to Gaza immediately, and the people of Gaza are going through miserable conditions. Yesterday, we saw horrific scenes in the hospital."

Salah stressed: “The people of Gaza need food, water and medicine immediately. I appeal to all world leaders to join together to prevent further massacres of innocent people. Humanity must prevail.”

Al Hilal Saudi fans are in shock after revealing the nature of Neymar's injury

Fans of Al Hilal Saudi Club were shocked this evening, Wednesday, after it was confirmed that the star of their Brazilian international team, Neymar, suffered a rupture in his cruciate ligament and cartilage.
Al Hilal Club said in a statement published on its account on the “X” website: “Medical examinations revealed that our player Neymar Jr. suffered a tear in the cruciate ligament and cartilage, and he will undergo surgery later.”

Al Hilal Club did not reveal the duration of its Brazilian star’s absence from the stadiums, but media outlets indicated that the period would be long.
Neymar, who joined Al Hilal during the recent summer transfer period from Paris Saint-Germain, suffered a severe injury in the last minute of the first half of the match that brought together Brazil and Uruguay at dawn today, after a collision with Uruguayan midfielder Nicolas de la Croce.

Neymar, 31 years old, recently returned to the field after an ankle injury that kept him out for about seven months.

Benzema's first response after being accused by the French Minister of the Interior of being linked to the "Muslim Brotherhood"

French star Karim Benzema, a professional in the ranks of the Saudi Jeddah club, did not take long to respond to the attacks he was exposed to in France, after his solidarity with the Palestinian people in their conflict with Israel.
Benzema responded strongly through his lawyer to his accusation by the French Minister of the Interior, Geralt Darmanin, of association with the “Muslim Brotherhood.”

Benzema's lawyer, Hugues Vigier, said in a statement reported by the French newspaper Le Parisien: "This is not true. He did not have the slightest relationship with this organization (the Muslim Brotherhood)," stressing that they are considering convicting the Minister of the Interior for saying that Benzema "has connections that everyone knows about." It is notorious with the Brotherhood.”

Vigier explained that Benzema was defamed, adding, “We are thinking about starting to prosecute this minister in application, for example, of the law on tampering with information, which our government values, defamation or even public insult, because this connection does not exist with the Muslim Brotherhood, as he says. However, "It's disreputable, and it's clearly presented as insulting."

The lawyer added: "It is unacceptable for those who rule to believe that they are authorized to do something out of pure opportunism."

Vigier also revealed that Benzema is preparing to file a case against three other French officials: Member of the European Parliament Franck Tapiro and Member of the European Parliament Nadine Morano, who said that the former French international player is complicit with the Palestinian Hamas movement, and Parliamentarian ValΓ©rie Pouilly, who formally requested the withdrawal of the lawsuit. Benzema's citizenship and being stripped of the Ballon d'Or that he won last year because of his support for Palestine.

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