Russia is developing new electronic chips for medical and industrial equipment

Russia is developing new electronic chips for medical and industrial equipment

The Russian "Rostec" corporation announced that it has developed a new mountain of electronic chips that are used in medical and industrial equipment, to dispense with those that Russia imports from abroad.
The organization said in a statement: “Experts at our organization’s Ruselectronics company were able to develop new electronic chips used in many types of devices, to dispense with the chips that Russia imports from other countries.”

According to the statement, the new chips will be used in medical equipment such as pacemakers, life support devices and artificial respirators, and some of them will also be used in alarm devices developed by the Russian company Pulsar for use in industrial facilities.

For his part, the General Director of the Russian Pulsar Company, Sergei Borovoy, said: “The new Russian chips are no less in quality than the foreign ones that we imported, and are comparable in price. Ruselectronics is currently completing the production of a trial batch of them, and mass industrial production of these chips is supposed to begin in 2024.”

He added: "We hope that our company's share in the Russian market in the field of amplifiers and alarms will reach 30%. We can produce broadband operational amplifiers. These devices take small audio signals and amplify them to a suitable level to be processed by other devices."

The founder of "Telegram" opposes blocking the "Hamas" account on the application

The founder of the "Telegram" application, Pavel Durov, expressed his opposition to the idea of ​​blocking the Hamas movement's account on the application, considering that this would negatively affect informing people about events in the region.
Durov recalled that at the beginning of the week, Hamas was warning residents of the city of Ashkelon of the need to leave the area before launching a barrage of rockets.

Durov asked: “Will blocking this account help save lives or will it put them in danger?”

He stressed that Telegram users receive information only from the accounts they follow, and therefore Telegram accounts cannot be used to intensify propaganda. On the contrary, researchers, journalists, and experts who verify the facts benefit from them.

He considered that eliminating this source of information might lead to "complicating an already difficult situation."

This came in response to the many calls directed at Telegram founder Pavel Durov to block Hamas accounts on Telegram against the backdrop of its attack on Israel.
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