Shadows over the ashes the United States and the “lies industry” in Iraq! Shadows over the ashes the United States and the “lies industry” in Iraq!

Shadows over the ashes the United States and the “lies industry” in Iraq!

Shadows over the ashes the United States and the “lies industry” in Iraq!

One of the dangerous ironies of the modern era is that the United States of America has secured for itself a special position that it has tightly enclosed, and through it it acts as it pleases, and no one can hold it accountable.

This situation appears clearly in the approach he followed with Iraq, which is to distort the opponent, exaggerate his danger, and criminalize him to the point of neutralizing everyone by exposing them to successive shocks.

What happened with Iraq, which led to its occupation and destruction, and the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people under false pretexts that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, is repeated and does not stop.

The urgent question is: What is the benefit of human history if the destinies of peoples and countries remain hostage to the “reports” of one country, which gave itself the right to be the “policeman of the world” because it is the most powerful, the richest, and the only one capable of accusing a regime it does not like of all sins and then eliminating it with cruelty and violence? And then admit that the “evidence” that she previously presented with enthusiasm to carry out the “death” sentence was not accurate and that there is nothing to prove it?

What is the benefit of human history, if everyone watches what is happening, believes the great “democratic” state in its accusations, hates its opponents, and some even send their forces to help it eliminate this “ugly” opponent?

When it becomes clear that everything that was said about this opponent is pure slander, “everyone” rushes to forgive the “superpower,” because it itself announced and publicly acknowledged in the form, “There is something wrong with the matter.”

Of course, it will be of no use to talk about history, because the victor is the one who writes it, and what applies to other international players does not affect him, because he is protected by international rules that he has the greatest role in preparing, consolidating and promoting, and by powerful and cunning media that portrays it as a good “democratic system.” And fair even if it kills millions.

After Iraq was invaded and occupied and its capabilities were destroyed with allegations of the presence of biological weapons, ballistic missiles and the like, on October 2, 2003, an American team that had undertaken the search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction under the supervision of the American Central Intelligence Agency and which consisted of 1,200 members announced that it had not found anything. .

The head of this American team, David Kaye, stated that “Saddam may have been deceiving about weapons of mass destruction to make his regime appear stronger than it actually was”!

Kaye before Congress A spokesman implicitly said about the fake American photos and evidence and the test tube with white powder that was presented to the Security Council: “We have not yet found traces of such weapons, but at the present time we cannot say with certainty that Iraq never had (these weapons). We also cannot claim that such weapons existed before the war began, and our task is to find where they are now.”

American objectivity in the context of “making lies” continued to “bring ashes into the eyes,” with the head of the American team tasked with searching for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that did not exist, saying that his team found “evidence of the existence of dual-use programs, which, in particular, can be used to produce Weapons of mass destruction, as well as equipment used in these programs, were concealed by Iraq during UN inspections in 2002.”

 In practice, the above means that the Americans are announcing to the world that they have not found weapons of mass destruction, but they have found their shadows!

Making lies requires skill in displaying a degree of “integrity” so that doors open and “black propaganda” reaches ears and hearts, and this is reflected in the statement of the head of the American inspection team that his experts “found no confirmation that Saddam Hussein could have ordered the use of chemical weapons or biological laboratories against American forces during the Iraq War,” and that the alleged mobile laboratories that American officials spoke about “have not yet been identified,” and this type “can be used both for the purpose of producing weapons and for helium cylinders used by meteorologists”!

American objectivity in “making lies” stressed on that occasion in October 2003 that the research is continuing, and that they have only come halfway, and everyone must wait for the “evidence,” and then prepare the recipients and global public opinion in advance, to trust them and be convinced of any result they reach. , hinting that if Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were not found, "one possibility is that Iraq may have destroyed many of them before the 1991 Gulf War."

In this way, lies are buried after being consumed in the dark, while American brute force wreaks havoc on the earth at all times, without accountability or control.

Syrian Foreign Ministry: The process of transition to a multipolar world has begun

Syrian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Bassam Al-Sabbagh, said that it is difficult to predict the timing of the transition to a multipolar world, but this process has already begun.

The Syrian diplomat stressed, in an interview with Novosti Agency, that there is no going back to this process.

Al-Sabbagh added, on the sidelines of the high-level week of the United Nations General Assembly that concluded its work in New York: “It is difficult to predict exactly when we will reach that, but the positive thing is that this process has already begun. I am sure that it will take some time, but I do not "I see no possibility of reversing the process and going back."

The Syrian Deputy Minister continued to say: "Time will reveal later how long this matter will take, but I believe that this is the right direction in which we must work as developing countries."

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