Taiwan’s Blue and White political parties negotiate and issue a four-point consensus

Taiwan’s Blue and White political parties negotiate and issue a four-point consensus

In Taiwan, Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun and People's Party Chairman Ko Wenzhe held party consultations on the morning of the 30th. The two parties issued a four-point consensus at a joint press conference, including: "Jointly carry out Taiwan's third wave of democratic reforms to avoid one party becoming dominant and the winner A fully democratic dictatorship will further deepen democracy.”

In addition, the consensus expressed the need to "restore peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, restart cross-Strait dialogue and continue to promote exchanges under the principles of reciprocity, dignity, and friendship in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of China and the Regulations on Relations between the People across the Taiwan Strait." In terms of energy, they jointly It advocates principles and goals such as "environmental sustainability," "national security," "people's health," "orderly transformation," and adherence to "fiscal discipline."

The third point of the consensus points out the need to "strengthen the functions of Congress under the current constitutional system. The President should go to the Legislative Yuan to report on the country's situation, listen to the suggestions of the Legislative Yuan caucus, and then supplement the report. The Executive Yuan should obtain the majority support of the Legislative Yuan, and the heads of important ministries and commissions should Go to the Legislative Yuan to hear the report, 18-year-old citizenship will be coordinated with future constitutional amendments, and other major reform issues will be discussed at the State Council."

The fourth point is that "the two parties agree to work together in the 2024 general election to give full play to the effect of one plus one greater than two. On the legislative seats, both parties support each other and maximize the seats."

The young man who had been enlightened by Kyun Sung died when he was recalled by the military council army

Enlightenment PDFs are seen receiving certificates of honor and grants at Pathein National Park on October 5, 2023.

Irrawaddy Division A 20-year-old young man from Kyungsang Township died when he was recruited and examined by the 36th Battalion of Khyongsang after being accused of communicating with Mandalay PDF after exposure, according to people close to the revolutionary community in the Ayeyarwady region.

He said that he died between the 19th and 20th of October when he was summoned for examination, and the details of the deceased are still unknown.

According to the PDF, the current deceased from Kyungsang Township and the three from Ngathichong Township were welcomed with an honor ceremony at Pathein's Southwest Regional Military Headquarters on October 5th and were given 300,000 Kyats as a grant.

After that, a person close to the revolutionary community told RFA that one of them died when they were summoned for questioning for allegedly communicating via PDF, and one from Kyeongsang Township and one from Ngthay Chuong City.

"One from Ngathichong and one from Kung Rang. We were enlightened. We held a ceremony to honor them at the temple on the mountain. Also, they were under house arrest. At that time, a man from Kung Rang was informed that he had a connection with the Mandalay PDF. We were from this Kung Rang army. After the army was recalled, it was checked and passed directly from within the army. I heard that he was cremated."

According to people close to the revolutionary community, many of the people who have come to light in the current Irrawaddy Division are not PDFs, but have taken refuge with the revolutionary forces because they were afraid of being arrested for protesting after the coup d'état.

It is said that these people died because they were examined by the police station before daylight, and after daylight they were summoned and examined by military council soldiers.

RFA reached out to U Maung Maung Than, Minister of Social Affairs of the Military Council's Ayeyarwady Division, to get a response to the death, but he did not answer the phone.

Another resident close to the revolutionary community founded RFA, saying that it was true that a young man from Gyeongsang Township had died because he was summoned and examined by military council soldiers after coming to light.

People close to the revolutionary community said that around 20 people in Irrawaddy were enlightened, and PDFs were enlightened in Pathein.
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