The European Union wants to investigate X's compliance with digital content rules in the bloc's countries

The European Union wants to investigate X's compliance with digital content rules in the bloc's countries

The European Commission has launched an investigation into the “X” platform to see whether it complies with the new technology rules imposed by the European Union regarding illegal and harmful content.
It is noteworthy that the investigation opened by the Commission into the social media platform, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, came after the spread of “misleading” information on its platform after the Hamas attack ( Al-Aqsa Flood ) on Israel.

The executive arm of the European Union stated that it had officially requested “X” (formerly Twitter) to provide information in accordance with the Digital Services Law.

The Commission noted in a statement that “X needs to provide the required information to Commission bodies by October 18, 2023 in questions related to the activation and operation of the Emergency Response Protocol in X and by October 31, 2023 in relation to the rest.”

In turn, American businessman Musk responded to European Commissioner Thierry Breton's letter regarding misleading information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict , asking him to clarify and point out the violations.

Musk responded through his official account in “X” to the European Commissioner for the Internal Market: “Our policy is that everything is open source and transparent, which is an approach that the European Union supports, as far as I know. Please list the violations you refer to on the “X” website so that it can The public can see it.”

Meta claims it has taken measures to remove “Hamas-related content”

Stockholm: Social media company Meta Platforms said on Friday that it is taking steps to remove content that “contains significant praise and support for the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)” from its platforms after the European Union rebuked social media companies for not doing enough to address what it considers to be misleading information.

Meta said that in the three days following the attack by Hamas on October 7, it removed or added a label marking disturbing content on more than 795,000 posts in Arabic and Hebrew.

The company indicated that it has temporarily expanded its application of the policy of removing content that incites violence, hate speech, and content that clearly identifies those detained by Hamas, even if it is published to denounce or raise awareness of the situation.

It said that content that includes blurred images of the victims' faces and injuries is still permitted, but its platforms will prioritize the safety and privacy of the hostages if they are unable to make a clear evaluation of the content.

Meta indicated that it is aware of “Hamas’ threats to publish footage of the hostages” and will quickly remove any content of this kind and prevent re-publishing and sharing copies.
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