WHO sends medical equipment to Gaza in Egypt

WHO sends medical equipment to Gaza in Egypt

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday that medical equipment covering the needs of 300,000 people in the Gaza Strip was transported to Egypt's Al Arish airport, near the Palestinian enclave, in the waiting for humanitarian access.

According to the WHO, the equipment can be delivered once humanitarian access can be established via the Rafah border crossing with Egypt in the southern Gaza Strip.

“With every hour that passes with equipment stationed on the Egyptian side of the border, girls and boys, women, men, especially vulnerable or disabled people, will continue to die, while the equipment that can save them are less than 20 km away,” warned the WHO.

The WHO urged an immediate opening of the Rafah border crossing to allow the delivery of food, fuel, water and other essential survival equipment. "

Despite everything, for this assistance to enter Palestinian territory, the green light is required from the Israelis who regularly bomb the Rafah border post on the Gaza side. However, for the moment, Israel maintains its complete blockade. Egyptian security said humanitarian aid would not move from al-Arish without an agreement with the Jewish state for its delivery to the Gaza Strip.

Newspaper: Ukrainian pilots will be trained to use the F-16 next week

Politico newspaper reported, citing American officials, that training for Ukrainian pilots to use F-16 fighters will begin at a military base in the US state of Arizona next week.
One of the officials said that a small group of Ukrainian pilots who arrived in the United States last month to participate in training, passed the English language course at the Lackland base in Texas, and headed to the Morris base in Arizona.

The Netherlands sends 18 F-16 fighters to a Ukrainian pilot training center in Romania
According to officials, training of pilots to use F-16 fighters will begin at the main training facility at the aforementioned air base.

It is noteworthy that the pilots will learn the theoretical foundations of using the F-16 and will be trained on devices to simulate flying the plane before moving on to flying real planes. Their training may be accelerated due to the need for them to return to combat.

The United States announced last Wednesday that it will form an alliance of countries that will train Ukrainian pilots to fly and maintain F-16 aircraft, with the participation of the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries, the number of which has reached 11 so far.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin confirmed during a press conference in Brussels that the F-16 would not arrive in Ukraine before next spring.

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