ASEAN urges Myanmar to stop terrorist attacks immediately

ASEAN urges Myanmar to stop terrorist attacks immediately

The 17th ASEAN Defense Ministers' Conference (ADMM) was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on November 15. Defense ministers from nine ASEAN countries, excluding Myanmar, and the Defense Minister of East Timor attended as observers.

"Peace, This year's ASEAN Defense Ministers' Conference, which is being held under the theme "Development, Municipality and Security", discussed how ASEAN members will deal with the problems in Burma, where the military took power, and the Israel-Hamas war conflict.

ASEAN Chairman Prabowo Subianto, Indonesia's Defense Minister, urged ASEAN member countries to help find a peaceful solution to the Myanmar issue.

“We are all saddened by the worsening situation in Myanmar. As the chair of ASEAN, Indonesia will continue to push for a peaceful solution to make concrete progress. As for Indonesia, let us achieve peace, stability and the rule of law in Myanmar. We will continue to support efforts to bring about national reconciliation and unity. I urge other ASEAN countries to help Myanmar find a peaceful and long-lasting solution to the current situation.”

At this conference, Indonesia's Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto issued a Jakarta joint statement urging ASEAN defense ministers to immediately stop all terrorist attacks currently taking place in Myanmar and exercise maximum restraint.

In the joint statement, the ASEAN Defense Ministers believe that it will be necessary to implement the five common agreements reached with ASEAN to restore stability and peace for Myanmar and the people of Myanmar, according to AFP news.

ASEAN leaders to immediately stop the conflict attacks in Myanmar. Although common agreements were reached with the military leader who seized power, including to allow humanitarian aid and to allow a special envoy appointed by ASEAN to meet with all relevant parties in Myanmar, the military council did not take any action.

At every ASEAN summit meeting, ASEAN member countries have been divided without reaching an agreement on how to deal with the Myanmar problem. practical, Indonesian news agency Amtara News reported that the ASEAN defense ministers agreed that there is a need for measurable progress.
The ASEAN Defense Ministers also urged all organizations involved in the current conflicts in Myanmar not to make the situation in Myanmar worse.

Currently, the entire ASEAN region is relatively calm compared to other regions, but Singapore's Foreign Minister Ng Eng Hen warned that if there is no careful monitoring of other military conflicts in the Middle East and Asia, this stability could be lost at any time, according to Reuters.

Currently, the South China Sea territorial dispute, The issue of the Korean Peninsula and Myanmar's problems are sparks that can destabilize the entire region. As ASEAN, resolving disputes in a cooperative way, both within and within the ASEAN region. About the need to apply outside the region, Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto urged.

On November 16, the ADMM Plus Conference, which will be attended by defense ministers from ASEAN and partner countries, will continue to be held in Jakarta. China Japan South Korea Australia International news reports that the defense ministers of India and Russia are there to attend.

32 soldiers of the military council from Loikaw University surrendered

Kayah State The Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF) announced today that 32 military council soldiers stationed in the University of Loikaw have surrendered to the Karenni Joint Forces and seized weapons and ammunition.

On November 13th and 14th, Karenni forces attacked the military council troops stationed in the campus of Loikaw University, and KNDF said that they surrendered due to the high number of casualties on the military council's side.

A news and information officer of the KNDF told RFA that 20 wounded among those who surrendered were being treated.

“They fought each other for almost the whole day and then gave us an opportunity to lay down our arms. I will deal with human dignity. He was arrested as a prisoner of war and surrendered after being told that he would be prosecuted under international law."

The KNDF said that after surrendering 32 members of the Military Council Army's No. 6 Infantry Battalion, including the company commander, Capt. Koon Myat, to the state police department, judicial matters will continue and they will be judged according to the punishment imposed by the judge.

RFA contacted Kayah State Spokesperson for Social Affairs Minister U Myint Kyi by phone to get a response on the issue, but he did not receive a response.

On November 11th, the Karenni Revolutionary Armed Forces started the 1111 (1111) inspection in Kayah State.

Currently, residents are still trapped in Loikko town, and 39 civilians have been killed from November 11 to 14 as a result of airstrikes by military council troops, according to the Karenni Human Rights Group (KnHRG).
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