Official calls in Algeria for urgent action in Palestine and associations coming together to organize the relief effort in Gaza Official calls in Algeria for urgent action in Palestine and associations coming together to organize the relief effort in Gaza

Official calls in Algeria for urgent action in Palestine and associations coming together to organize the relief effort in Gaza

Official calls in Algeria for urgent action in Palestine and associations coming together to organize the relief effort in Gaza

Algeria -  Algerian Minister of Justice Abdel Rashid Tabbi called for urgent international action to stop the Zionist violations committed in Palestine, at a time when Algerian associations are organizing to operate relief ships for the afflicted in Gaza.

A doctor said on the sidelines of a meeting between the Algerian and Saudi Ministries of Justice that the horror of what is happening in Gaza requires awakening consciences and calls for urgent international action, especially the Arab group.

The Minister stressed the necessity of the involvement of jurists, jurists, experts, and human and peoples’ rights defenders to stop these violations and prosecute those responsible before international judicial bodies until justice is achieved and the Palestinians regain their legitimate rights.

He highlighted that “the glorious November Revolution makes us think about what is happening in the Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip in particular in terms of genocide, ethnic cleansing, killing and displacement from which no one was spared.”

He spoke about the genocide, ethnic cleansing, killing and displacement that the Palestinians are exposed to, from which no one was spared, not even innocent children, women and the elderly, and the destruction of buildings, health institutions and places of worship, in flagrant violation of all international human rights conventions and instruments and international humanitarian law.

In parallel, before talking about a truce in Gaza began , Algerian associations began their movements to organize the Algerian relief effort in Gaza. A few days ago, associations, national figures, and activists announced the establishment of the Algerian Initiative to Support Palestine and Save Gaza, to support and strengthen the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The initiative was announced at the historic Al-Tarqiq Club, in which the Palestine Relief Committee was founded in 1948, led by a group of reformist scholars, political action leaders, and community notables of that era in Algiers, during the French colonial period.

The initiative’s owners affirmed that it aims to achieve a basic and fundamental goal dictated to us by religious duty, imposed by the national principle, and affirmed by the humanitarian sense and living conscience, which is preparing relief ships loaded with urgent aid to carry out the duty of breaking this brutal siege imposed on our people in the Gaza Strip, withstanding, and responding to the calls and cries of our children, brothers, and wounded. In Gaza, pride.

The initiative called on all Algerians throughout this country and those living outside it to actively contribute to this project and support it to carry out its humanitarian role in an urgent manner that cannot be delayed in light of the dangerous conditions. It considered this as “fulfilling the will of our martyrs and following the path of our fathers in supporting Jerusalem and Palestine.”

Floods in Somalia: 53 dead, fears of humanitarian catastrophe

 In Somalia, at least 1.7 million affected people find themselves in humanitarian need, according to associations. In the Shabelle River region, the town of Beledweyne is sinking under water which has already killed 53 people since Monday.

“Even before the floods, we were talking about almost 15 million people facing food insecurity in East Africa. Today we know that Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya have just emerged from one of the longest periods of drought. This had already led to the displacement of millions of people and food insecurity. With the floods, 3.1 million additional people are affected in the region and 1.7 million in Somalia alone. "Said Shashwat Saraf, emergency director for East Africa at the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Floodwaters swept through the town, washing away homes. The inhabitants seek refuge on the heights. The disaster could reach greater proportions. the IRC warns.

“More than 1.5 million hectares of land in Somalia alone have been inundated due to flooding, which effectively means that we will see agricultural losses on top of the food insecurity that already exists in Somalia and throughout the region. Livestock are particularly at risk as vector-borne and new diseases will emerge." Adds Shashwat Saraf.

Weather conditions have recently deteriorated across Somalia, including in the capital Mogadishu. Flash floods hit main streets leading to the airport.

During a recent visit to the heavily affected Gedo region, Somali Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre pledged government support to those affected by the floods, including the provision of evacuation boats.
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