The five most important health benefits of oranges The five most important health benefits of oranges

The five most important health benefits of oranges

The five most important health benefits of oranges

A lot can be said about the benefits of oranges, especially in the fall and winter seasons, when viruses are active. Because oranges are an excellent source of antioxidants that protect the body from the effects of free radicals.

In addition, it has been proven that eating oranges improves cognitive performance in men and reduces the risk of stroke in women. However, many are not even aware of some of the benefits of this type of citrus.

According to experts, the most important beneficial properties of oranges are:

1 - It enhances immunity. According to many scientific studies, it improves the body’s resistance to viruses and bacteria because it contains vitamin C, which affects phagocytic cells, which fight infection.

2 - Strengthens blood vessels. Vitamin C makes the walls of blood vessels more elastic and protects them from deposits and plaques.

3 - It reduces the risk of kidney stones. Studies results have shown that orange juice helps raise the рН index. That is, it affects the acidity of urine and prevents the formation of stones.

4 - It helps get rid of chronic fatigue. Oranges contain various volatile oils, including limonene. Studies have shown that it has stimulant properties, gives a feeling of energy and strength, improves mood, and helps relieve anxiety and avoid depression.

5 - Improves blood flow in the capillaries. Orange oil is often used for massage because it has a warming effect and improves blood flow in the small blood vessels.

Substances that trigger migraine attacks

According to Dr. Konstantin Sinelnikov, a neurologist, beer, champagne and wine often trigger migraine attacks.
The doctor points out in an interview with the "" platform that migraine is a hereditary disease associated with increased irritation in different parts of the central nervous system, where the "false" pain impulse is formed. That causes a seizure. The proteins responsible for its development have already been found, and drugs have been produced that prevent it and reduce the number of days and severity of migraines.

According to him, migraine attacks can be caused by various external and internal factors that stimulate and activate pain centers.

Alcohol and fermentation products contain the protein tyramine, which plays the role of an inducer. Therefore, beer, wine, etc. are common migraine triggers. But strong alcoholic drinks rarely have such an effect.

Lack of sleep or excess sleep can cause a migraine attack, as brain signals are ignored, and upon waking up the person feels a lack of energy. Because the body did not receive resources - food and water. The pain prevents him from sleeping. Also, some food products (smoked meats, aged cheeses, chocolate, citrus fruits) in some cases become triggers, as do stress, hunger, menstruation, heavy physical activity, etc.

Only a doctor who specializes in headaches can determine the method and medications for treating migraines after conducting the necessary examinations and tests.

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