A "worrying" study warns that hair styling products are linked to infertility! A "worrying" study warns that hair styling products are linked to infertility!

A "worrying" study warns that hair styling products are linked to infertility!

A "worrying" study warns that hair styling products are linked to infertility!

A study has warned that hair products used by millions of women daily may expose them to dangerous chemicals linked to infertility.
Siloxanes are man-made chemicals used in creams, oils and sprays to add shine and soften hair by preventing moisture from entering or leaving.

Scientists from Purdue University in Indiana found that when used with high heat from hair curlers and straighteners, siloxane-laden hair products evaporate and release toxins into the air.

Siloxanes derived from silicone have been linked to fertility problems, hormonal imbalance, and liver damage.

The scientists conducted a series of experiments that asked participants to re-follow their hair care and styling routine in a small house, aiming to simulate the cramped space in their bathrooms at home.

Use of the products with or without high-temperature tools resulted in increased concentrations of a class of volatile chemicals called cyclovolatile methylsiloxane (cVMS) in the air.

When the exhaust fan was turned off, concentrations of volatile chemicals in the air reached 82 milligrams per cubic meter, even though turning on the fan removed about 70% of the polluted air.

After 20 minutes, subjects inhaled a cumulative amount of 17 mg of siloxane.

Animal studies involving the chemical class have shown that much higher concentrations in the air, in the tens of thousands, are lethal.

While the lethal dose in humans is less clear, researchers have warned that repeated exposure to these chemicals as part of a daily routine can have health effects.

“We found the results very alarming,” said Dr. Nusrat Jung, lead author and professor at Purdue University School of Civil Engineering. “We did not expect to see such large emissions of volatile chemical mixtures from off-the-shelf hair care products during typical hair care procedures that many people perform.” every day".

Siloxanes easily evaporate into the air to form a gas, a characteristic scientists call volatility.

"D5 siloxane (the most concerning) has been found to cause adverse effects on the respiratory, liver and nervous systems of laboratory animals. The use of the chemical in cosmetics has already been restricted in the European Union because of this," Jung said.

It turns out that another siloxane chemical called D4 led to an increase in the weight of rodents' uteruses and changed the cells lining the tissues in their bodies, which may negatively affect the reproductive organs and contribute to the development of endocrine disorders. 

The results were published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

A clever trick that makes kids eat more vegetables!

Most mothers find it difficult to convince their children to eat enough vegetables daily. But scientists have revealed the surprising secret to making children eat it a lot.
Scientists from Brigham Young University found that children ate up to 52% more peas and carrots when they were served with specially shaped potatoes.

Professor Jane Ahlborn, lead author of the study, said: “Not only do potatoes add nutrients, such as potassium, directly to the plate, but they may also help encourage children to explore other vegetables they are offered, and thus help them get closer to their overall nutritional needs.”

In the study, scientists fed the children a controlled meal consisting of chicken nuggets, 2% milk, ketchup, applesauce, peas and carrots, and some form of potatoes or bread.

When the meal was served with smiling potato faces, in a separate bowl from the vegetables, the researchers found that the amount of vegetables eaten decreased by 20%.

However, when vegetables were served with potatoes in the same bowl, the children ate 51% more vegetables.

While the study notes that this improvement is not dramatic, they wrote that “even small steps toward improving vegetable consumption are important for enhancing nutrition.”

Ahlborn also says this trick can reduce food waste by making sure you eat more vegetables.

And if you're trying to help your kids eat more vegetables at home, you may be concerned that smiley potatoes aren't the healthiest choice.

However, the study found that adding these potatoes to the meal only adds 21 calories and 5 grams of fat, all of which are trans.
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