Calcalist newspaper Hebrew: Ship traffic in the port of Eilat decreased by 80% due to Houthi attacks Calcalist newspaper Hebrew: Ship traffic in the port of Eilat decreased by 80% due to Houthi attacks

Calcalist newspaper Hebrew: Ship traffic in the port of Eilat decreased by 80% due to Houthi attacks

Calcalist newspaper Hebrew: Ship traffic in the port of Eilat decreased by 80% due to Houthi attacks

Calcalist newspaper said: The Hebrew Economy, in a report published on Monday on its official website, said that ship traffic in the port of Eilat declined by 80% due to Houthi attacks.
The Calcalist newspaper added: The giant transport companies have already announced the suspension of sailings in the Red Sea and the Suez Canal due to the threatHouthisMeanwhile, the port of Eilat is suffering serious damage and the arrival of ships will be delayed.

She reported that the new alternative road would make transportation expensive and the cost of living would rise significantly.

The giant Chinese shipping company OOCL announced that it would stop sailing in the Red Sea region, which joined other shipping companies that announced in recent days the suspension of sailing in the region and in the Suez Canal, due to attacks by the Houthis in Yemen.

It started from what she described as “the storm.” On Thursday, Maersk Which announced the cessation of all movement of ships owned by it in the Red Sea, and the German company Hapag-Lloyd also joined this step.

On Saturday, the world's largest shipping company, MSC, and the French company, CMA CGM, announced that they would also stop sailing in the region.

Given the importance of the Suez Canal to global trade, the shipping companies’ decision may disrupt shipping lines around the world.

The newspaper reported that more fuel was added to the fire of the global crisis in the Red Sea when the Politico website reported: News that the Biden administrationis considering attacking the Houthis after the increase in attacks and damage to global trade.

In addition, shipping company stocks have already jumped in the past few days against the backdrop of the Houthi attacks and threat.

How will Israel be affected by stopping navigation in the Red Sea?

The newspaper explained that the port most affected since the start of the Houthi attacks is the port of Eilat, which has already recorded a decline of approximately 80% in activity.

She pointed out that since maritime trade was planned months in advance, it is not unlikely that the damage to the port’s activity will continue until the end of January at least, as shipping companies will not include the port among their shipping routes.

He continued, saying: “In fact, the damage to the port may continue for a long time, and the port of Eilat will request compensation from the state for the loss of revenue, according to the compensation mechanism for companies established by the state, but this has not yet been approved for the month of December, and it is not clear what the port is.” What it will be like in the future if the crisis continues.

The newspaper indicated that other ports in Israel can cover the activities of the port of Eilat, but not in all regions.

In recent years, several new berths have been opened in the country's ports, which has led to a decrease in the activity of each port. In the Port of Haifa, for example, they are currently studying a voluntary retirement plan for more than 100 employees (out of 800) after the opening of the new port in Haifa, which It led to a decline in port activity by tens of percent.

Therefore, ports throughout Israel currently have the capacity to receive additional containers. However, not all goods are the same, and changing the transportation route does not at all guarantee that more goods will arrive at the ports of Haifa and Ashdod.

For example, the port of Eilat is responsible for unloading about 50% of vehicles arriving in Israel and other ports will not necessarily be able to meet this.

The newspaper says in its report, “If there is one area that can be defined as “critical,” As for the activity of the port of Eilat, it is the vehicle sector that represents 85% of the unloading activity in the port.. Now, new vehicles will not arrive via Eilat until at least January, and an important number must be added to this situation as the new vehicles are scheduled to arrive in Israel during the month of December because the purchase tax on electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars is expected to rise during next January. Therefore, car importers are asking the Tax Authority to exempt cars from customs while they are outside the economic waters of Israel, and the authorities have not yet responded to the request. "You are studying this, but in any case these cars will not reach Eilat."

The newspaper reported that if a solution to the problem is not found, the consumer will pay more.

Is there an alternative to transportation via the Red Sea?

In its report, the newspaper stated that 99% of goods (according to the size of the goods) currently arrive in Israel by sea, 40% of which pass through the Suez Canal. Therefore, when talking about finding another shipping route, the matter is related to the need for a major change in transportation. Goods coming to Israel.

The first possibility is that these ships will move via Africa. This option could result in a delay of weeks in delivery, in addition to an additional cost.

The second option is to transfer some goods to arrive by plane, but there are goods that cannot be transported, especially heavy raw materials such as cement, oil and vehicles. In addition, air transportation also has an additional cost.

American journalist: Carlson, with his stance, prevented Washington from funding Kiev and lost his job at Fox News

American journalist Glenn Greenwald said that broadcaster Tucker Carlson prevented Washington from funding Kiev and was expelled from Fox News. For his interference in the affairs of those who make money from the Ukrainian conflict.
Journalist Greenwald explained during his conversation with a reporter: “What we know is that when his program was cancelled, a group of Republicans in Congress were quick to say that they were very happy that he stopped broadcasting! .. and because his stance against the conflict in Ukraine made it difficult to finance Kiev!” ;.

The journalist added: “Carlson responded that his position on Ukraine was not very popular in the United States, which led to the cancellation of his work as a journalist.”

The famous American journalist Tucker Carlson is known for his criticism of support for Ukraine and the current American authorities, as he said in his program on the “X” platform, that President Joe Biden’s administration was lying< a i=2> By publicly confirming “the possibility of Russia’s defeat in the conflict with Ukraine thanks to Western support.”

As Carlson revealed earlier, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austinthreatened members of Congress to send their relatives to participate in the Ukraine conflict if they refused to provide Help again for Kiev.

A member of the US Congress makes shocking statements about Ukraine.
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