Finland: Preparing coffee without beans Finland: Preparing coffee without beans

Finland: Preparing coffee without beans

Finland: Preparing coffee without beans

Scientists at the National Research Center of Finland in Espoo obtained the coffee drink from the cells of the coffee tree, not from the beans

The Yle website indicates that, according to the head of the research team, Heiko Rescher, coffee produced in the laboratory tastes 80 percent similar to real coffee.

He says: "Preparing coffee in this way requires many new technologies. For example, roasting coffee using laser beams."

The researchers named their product Beanless Coffee. The researchers hope that manufacturers will be interested in their innovation, even though the process of obtaining food status may take four years.

A way to quit smoking that does not cause weight gain

The results of a scientific study showed that the diabetes drug dulaglutide significantly reduces the risk of weight gain after quitting smoking.

The BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health magazine indicates that 255 people, including 155 women, with an average age of 42-44 years, smoked an average of 20 cigarettes a day over the age of 19-22 years. They participated in this study and quit smoking.

The researchers randomly divided the participants into two groups. Members of the first group received the diabetes drug dulaglutide, and the second group received a placebo, the smoking cessation drug varenicline, and the help of a smoking cessation specialist for 12 weeks.

It became clear to the researchers that women who took dulaglutide lost 1-2 kg of weight. As for the women of the second group, their weight increased by 2-2.5 kg. The men from the first group gained a little more than 500 grams, while the men from the second group gained 2 kg.

The researchers noted that the women of the second group gained approximately five times more weight than the men. This means that taking dulaglutide while quitting smoking may be particularly beneficial for them. As for the men in the second group, only 3 men out of 56 gained a little weight, while none of the men in the first group gained weight.

However, researchers stress the need to conduct more research to determine the mechanism of dulaglutide’s effect.
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