He was interrogated in 1988, an officer in the Shin Bet agency. He reveals what Sinwar told him 30 years ago He was interrogated in 1988, an officer in the Shin Bet agency. He reveals what Sinwar told him 30 years ago

He was interrogated in 1988, an officer in the Shin Bet agency. He reveals what Sinwar told him 30 years ago

He was interrogated in 1988, an officer in the Shin Bet agency. He reveals what Sinwar told him 30 years ago

"Haaretz" newspaper published Hebrew on Friday conducted a lengthy interview with an officer in the Israeli General Security Service (Shin Bet) who was responsible for investigating the leader of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar.
The 60-year-old officer, who works for Shin Bet, spoke: More than 30 years ago during an interview with the newspaper about the nature of Sinwar’s personality and other exciting details regarding the information he provided during the investigation.

The officer, who did not reveal his identity, stated that he was responsible for investigating Sinwar when he was arrested in 1988.

In his review of Al-Sanwar’s biography, the officer confirms that the Hamas leader in Gaza is a solid, educated, charismatic, intelligent, tough, and fearless man, and that he used to threaten the Israeli officers who investigated him, and repeatedly said in their ears that the world would turn against them, and he would become the investigator and they would be the ones to succeed. Investigate them.

The investigator reported that at that time, Al-Sanwar was a prominent activist at the Islamic University of Gaza and a student or trainee of the movement’s spiritual leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

The investigator claims that leader Abdullah Azzam suggested that Sinwar join a new movement called “Al-Majd.” Its goal is to persecute “those who deviate from religion.” Or "heretics".

He pointed out that Sinwar welcomed the idea and was communicating with the rest of the movement’s members secretly through letters placed in the bathrooms at the Islamic University, directing them to the locations of weapons and including instructions regarding their future movements.

The officer says that Sinwar was among a group of four people, including Rawhi Mushtaha, a prominent figure in the Hamas leadership.

He stated that the team maintained complete secrecy of its movements and was informing Ahmed Yassin of all its operations. 

According to the newspaper, Sinwar confessed and was convicted of killing four Palestinians who allegedly cooperated with Israel in 1989.

Al-Sinwar was arrested several times, the first in Jenin on charges of incitement to nationalist activity, and the second for killing “heretics.” Assumed. 

The investigator points out that Al-Sinwar remained in prison for several months and we had forgotten about him, until the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers occurred in 1989.

He added, “We then realized that there was a large organization in the Gaza Strip that we knew nothing about, and it was responsible for kidnapping the two soldiers.”

He continued, saying, “At that moment, the prominent leader of Hamas, Salah Shehadeh, was also imprisoned like Sinwar, but in a different case. Shehadeh was interrogated again and provided incriminating information against Sinwar, after which Sinwar was re-investigated, who learned that Shehadeh had provided information about him.” For the investigator.

The investigator confirms that Al-Sinwar often made threats during his interrogations, as he revealed that in one of them he directed his words to him, saying, “You know that one day you will be the person being investigated, and I will stand here in my capacity as the government as an investigator. I will interrogate you.” 

“I remember exactly how he said that to me, like a promise, and his eyes were red,” the investigator says.

The investigator reports that Al-Sinwar did not show any fear of him as an investigator, on the contrary, he was arguing with him all the time, indicating that he can read what he wrote about him after the first investigation and still maintains it: “An exceptional personality with his merits, wisdom, and culture, and he is a very religious man, a believer, and reconciled with his statements.” And his actions.

The investigator concludes by saying, “Unfortunately, I do not think that Israel will be able to arrest him.”

Sinwar is considered the most prominent figure that Israel held responsible for the October 7 attack, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described him as a “dead man walking,” intending to kill him.

Israel estimates that Sinwar is still in Khan Yunis, or rather in one of the tunnels under the city, according to the Jerusalem Post newspaper. And "The Times of Israel".

"Strengthening the defense of a NATO ally",Washington allows the sale of "HIMARS" To Italy for $400 million

The US State Department has made it possible to sell “HIMARS” missile launcher systems. HIMARS and other weapons to Italy for a deal worth $400 million.
This was announced by the "Defense Security Cooperation Agency" The Pentagon, today, Friday, is the entity responsible for supplying military equipment and weapons abroad under international government contracts.

The agency indicated in its statement that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “agreed on the possibility of selling to the Italian government the HIMARS M142 systems (and related equipment for about 400 Million dollars".

The statement indicates that the Italian authorities had previously requested permission to purchase these systems from the United States, ammunition, spare parts and various systems, including navigation and communications equipment.

He added: “The proposed sale would be consistent with the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States by helping to strengthen the defense of a NATO ally that is important to political and economic stability in Europe.”

The agency expected in a statement that the supplies “will not change the basic military balance in the region.”

The US administration has already informed Congress of this decision, and that the legislature has 30 days to review the potential deal and possibly ban it.

It should be noted that the Russian army is constantly destroying the “HIMARS” systems. Which was supplied to the Kyiv forces.
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