Tesla unveils its new generation of robots Tesla unveils its new generation of robots

Tesla unveils its new generation of robots

Tesla unveils its new generation of robots

The American company Tesla unveiled its latest generation of Optimus robots, which it is developing to perform various tasks to assist humans.
The company indicated that the new Optimus Gen 2 robots are equipped with motors, cables and sensors developed by its experts, and can walk 30% faster compared to previous Optimus robots, weigh approximately 10 kilograms less, and have improved balance capabilities.

Videos that spread on the Internet show that these robots are able to move parts of their bodies in different directions, and are able to bend and perform movements similar to sports movements carried out by humans, and they are now performing more complex movements with the help of their arms.

Tesla had previously indicated that Optimus robots are undergoing comprehensive training using artificial intelligence techniques that can perform new tasks, such as sorting objects independently.

According to available information, Tesla plans to use these robots in its manufacturing operations, and after verifying their capabilities, it will put some of its models on sale.

Apple gives iPhones important features with the new iOS update

Apple announced the launch of a new update for iOS systems, which brings with it many important features for iPhones.
One of the most prominent things that appeared in the new iOS 17.2 update is the Journal application, or “Diary,” through which users can write down their daily notes in distinctive ways. This application relies on artificial intelligence techniques and provides suggestions to encourage users to write notes, and also provides them with reminder notifications of events. That matters to them.

The aforementioned application provides users with the ability to write their thoughts and notes, adding photos and geographical location, and options to encrypt content and data via face or fingerprint, and store this data via Apple’s cloud services.

The new version also supports the capabilities of shooting 3D “spatial video” to create video clips that can be watched using smart glasses that Apple will announce later.

With the release, the capabilities of the weather application on iPhones also developed so that the application was able to display the expected rainfall amounts within 10 days, and a wind map and an interactive moon calendar were added to the application.

Apple indicated that iOS 17.2 will address some technical problems that appeared in previous iPhones.
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