The US Army retaliated against the bases of the military organization in Iraq The US Army retaliated against the bases of the military organization in Iraq

The US Army retaliated against the bases of the military organization in Iraq

The US Army retaliated against the bases of the military organization in Iraq

The US has launched an air strike against militants in the Gulf country after a drone attack on its troops in Iraq.

According to the news agency "Reuters", US officials have said that the air force has targeted the bases of militants in Iraq during the retaliatory operation.

On Monday, US troops in Iraq were targeted by a drone attack, in which one soldier was seriously injured and two other personnel suffered minor injuries.

Officials say that in the light of the instructions of the US President Joe Biden, the army carried out an air operation in which Kataib Hezbollah militants were probably killed, while several installations of this military group were also destroyed.

General Michael Corrella, head of the US military's Central Command, said in a statement that the airstrikes were aimed at targeting elements involved in attacks on coalition forces in Iraq and Syria.

According to him, the objective of the airstrikes was to eliminate the capability of these elements to carry out such further operations.

On Monday, a drone attack was carried out on a military base used by the US Army in the Iraqi city of Erbil.

The US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, did not release further details about the attack, nor did it say who the injured personnel were.

The US National Security Council said in a statement that President Joe Biden was informed of the attack on US troops in Iraq on Monday, after which he issued orders that the US military take action against those individuals. Take action against those responsible for this attack.

US National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said that President Biden directed measures to protect US military personnel from any harm.

He warned that if such attacks continue, the US will act in response.

These attacks have increased at a time when the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza continues, while the US has been aiding and abetting Israel through diplomatic and military equipment.

The US alleges that pro-Iranian military organizations are involved in attacks on its forces in Iraq.

The information included in this news has been taken from the news agency 'Reuters'.

A top Iranian general was killed in an Israeli airstrike in Syria

Iran's official media has said that a high-level Iranian general was killed in an Israeli airstrike on the outskirts of Damascus on Monday.

The death of General Seyed Razi Mousavi, adviser to Iran's paramilitary Revolutionary Guards in Syria, happened at a time when Lebanon. Clashes between Hezbollah and Israel continue to intensify along the Israeli border, and fears are growing that the Israel-Hamas conflict could spread to the region and involve Iran-backed groups.

Two more generals were also killed in Israeli strikes in Syria earlier this month.

Iran's state news agency IRNA and Britain-based opposition war monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Israel had struck a suburb near a Shiite pilgrimage site.

Iran described Mousavi as a close associate of General Qassem Soleimani, who headed Iran's elite Quds Force and was killed in a January 2020 US drone strike in Iraq.

Neither the Israeli army nor the Syrian state media have issued an immediate statement about the attack.

Although IRNA did not release any details about the attack, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the Israeli army targeted Mousavi after he entered a farm in an area allegedly held by Hezbollah. was one of several offices.

The Lebanese militant group, along with Iran and Russia, has played a key military role in keeping President Bashar al-Assad's government in power throughout Syria's conflict.

Israel has carried out hundreds of strikes in government-controlled areas of war-torn Syria in recent years.

Israel generally does not acknowledge its airstrikes in Syria. But when he does, he says he is targeting Iranian-backed organizations there that support the Assad regime.

The content of this news is taken from AP.
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