Why did FIFA and UEFA not punish Israel as they punished Russia? Why did FIFA and UEFA not punish Israel as they punished Russia?

Why did FIFA and UEFA not punish Israel as they punished Russia?

Why did FIFA and UEFA not punish Israel as they punished Russia?

President of the Russian Football Federation, Alexander Djukov, revealed the answer of officials from the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and the European Union (UEFA) to a question about not imposing sanctions on the Israeli national team.
Djukov said that FIFA and UEFA raised their hands in response to a question about Israel.

“We were alerted to this, but the reaction was that there were no solutions,” he said.

He added: "We are generally against sanctions in both cases. We asked our colleagues (at FIFA and UEFA) why there was this difference, but in response, they raised their hands."

He pointed out that he considered this situation an example of a policy of double standards.

Earlier, the International Olympic Committee rejected Russia's attempt to compare the International Committee's position on Russia and its suspension and punishment of Russian athletes, and the Committee's position on Israeli athletes, after Israel launched a war on Gaza, and described the comparison as "misplaced."

The International Olympic Committee confirmed that it would strongly confront any discrimination against Israeli athletes in its events, such as the refusal of athletes from other countries to compete against them due to the war on Gaza.

The International Olympic Committee argues that Israel has not violated the Olympic Charter, which does not require freezing its membership or banning it from participation, while Russia deserves to be suspended for violating the Olympic Charter.

Russian national teams were suspended and prevented from participating in international tournaments after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, while Israeli teams continue to compete in competitions under the auspices of FIFA and UEFA despite the bloody war in Palestine.

The death toll rises when an Algerian Premier League team bus overturns

The death toll of the Algerian Mouloudia El Beidh team bus, which was involved in a horrific traffic accident yesterday while the team was traveling to play a match in the Algerian Premier League, has risen to 3.
The Mouloudia El Bayadh team was scheduled to play against JS Kabylie, tomorrow, Friday, in the eleventh round of the Algerian Premier League competition.

The Mouloudia El Bayadh team bus was involved in a horrific traffic accident that led to the bus overturning, while the team was heading to the state of Tizi Ouzou to face JS Kabylie in the Algerian league competition.

The overturn of the Mouloudia El Bayadh team bus led to the death of three people: Zakaria Bouziani, the team’s goalkeeper, Khaled Muftah, the team’s assistant coach, and Ben Fashour Ezzedine, the bus driver.

Eight players from the Mouloudia El Bayadh team were also seriously injured due to the serious traffic accident in which the bus was involved.

The Algerian newspaper "An-Nahar" revealed that the Algerian Football Federation decided to postpone all matches in the Algerian league in its various categories this week due to the accident.
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