A scandal shakes Britain: more than 20,000 sexual assaults on people with mental illnesses A scandal shakes Britain: more than 20,000 sexual assaults on people with mental illnesses

A scandal shakes Britain: more than 20,000 sexual assaults on people with mental illnesses

A scandal shakes Britain: more than 20,000 sexual assaults on people with mental illnesses

Mental health patients in the UK have alleged they were raped and sexually assaulted by the NHS during their treatment, in what has been described as a “national scandal”. 

A joint investigation by Sky News and the British newspaper The Independent , yesterday, Sunday, showed that there were about 20,000 complaints related to sexual assaults and harassment by employees and patients alike since 2019, in more than 30 mental health institutions in England.

The investigation concluded that NHS trusts “failed to report the majority of incidents to police, and did not meet vital standards designed to protect the UK’s most vulnerable patients from sexual harm”.

In the 18-month investigation, several patients and their families revealed their stories of being sexually assaulted while living in units designated for mental health patients.

The investigation began with the testimony of Alexis Quinn, a former British swimming star, who said she was sexually assaulted twice, the first when she was forced to sleep in a men's ward, and the second in a mixed-gender ward.

We also find the testimony of Rivka Grant, who said she was sexually assaulted by an NHS staff member.

The testimony of Stephanie Tutti, who sought mental health services in the city of Essex after being raped in her youth, but instead of receiving treatment, was sexually assaulted by a staff member for 5 months.

For his part, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Lyde Smith described the results as "shocking", while Health Minister Wes Streeting said that the results were a "wake-up call" for the government.

Streeting added: “Everyone would be astounded that these horrific crimes were committed against patients in their most vulnerable states,The fact that this happened in the NHS is frightening.”

The NHS responded in a statement that it will take action to ensure the safety of patients and staff, including rolling out better reporting, training and support mechanisms, as part of the NHS's new Sexual Safety Charter.

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Meanwhile, a Department of Health spokesperson said: “Sexual violence or misconduct of any kind is unacceptable and has no place in the NHS, and NHS organizations have a responsibility to protect staff and patients alike.”

The spokesman continued: “We work closely with the NHS to ensure that anyone receiving treatment in a mental health facility receives safe, high-quality care, and is cared for with dignity and respect.”

Presidential elections in Finland Candidates qualified for the second round after 100% of the votes were counted

The Finnish Ministry of Justice announced that former Prime Minister Alexander Stubb and former Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto qualified for the second round of the presidential elections after 100% of the votes were counted.

The Ministry of Justice said that Staub received 27.2% of the votes, Haavisto received 25.8%, and Parliament Speaker Yossi Hala-Aho received 19%.

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The expected result will push the electoral race into a runoff on February 11 between Staub and Havesto, where neither candidate received more than half the votes.

Stubb, 55, and Haavisto, 65, were the leading candidates in the election in which some 4.5 million eligible voters chose a successor to popular President Sauli Niinistö , whose second six-year term ends in March. He is not entitled to run for a new term.
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