How do we distinguish between real hunger and psychological hunger? How do we distinguish between real hunger and psychological hunger?

How do we distinguish between real hunger and psychological hunger?

Discovering a relationship between dark chocolate and a health condition whose causes are unknown


 Constant feelings of hunger can cause overeating, which leads to an increased risk of metabolic disorders and obesity. But how do we distinguish between real hunger and psychological hunger?

Dr. Yevgenia Palchenko, an endocrinologist, told Gazeta news “Against the background of stress, the desire to “eat problems” appears, especially sweet foods and pastries. Because sweets stimulate the production of serotonin (the happiness hormone). Eating fast (simple) carbohydrates leads to the secretion of Large amounts of insulin, and the feeling of hunger may appear two hours after eating the last meal. Thus, a specific behavioral pattern is formed: stress - sweets - overeating - self-condemnation - low mood - eating a new portion of sweets - stress, and so the cycle closes. "The vicious cycle repeats itself."

According to the doctor, true hunger is caused by a lack of nutrients that the body requires to replace - glucose, amino acids, fats, proteins. In this case, the feeling of hunger increases gradually within 3-4.5 hours after eating the last meal, and is accompanied by a feeling of empty stomach with rumbling and weakness.

She says: “A person can also feel real hunger after emotional or mental stress or intense exercise. That is, there is a real physiological reason for increased appetite. Psychological hunger is considered a disease, which can be permanent or temporary. Intermittent pathological hunger is a desire that develops quickly.” To eat, not accompanied by any physical sensations from the digestive system. This hunger appears as a defense mechanism against the background of psychological problems, and new habits are formed: food stress or bad mood, resentment or loneliness, an anxiety attack. Psychological hunger can also include the habit of eating While working, watching TV, or reading. As for constant pathological hunger, it is formed as a result of certain diseases or hormonal imbalance - and it often occurs due to thyroid diseases and diabetes, and it can appear due to anti-diarrheal medications, antidepressants, etc. that the doctor incorrectly prescribed.”

According to her, if the feeling of hunger is constantly recurring and is accompanied by various symptoms such as weight gain, sweating, weakness, irritability, and pain in the abdominal area, then the person should see a doctor specializing in internal medicine.

Myocardial infarction may occur without pain

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov refuted the common myth that pain alone indicates serious disturbances in the functioning of the heart.

According to him, sometimes the heart can become sick only at the time of death, as happens in the case of angina pectoris. Therefore, you should pay attention to heart problems before developing atherosclerosis and feeling chest pain.

He says: "A person's feeling of pain indicates that he is actually experiencing catastrophic contractions. This is a cry from the heart for help."

But sometimes a person does not feel any pain even in the case of serious heart problems, including myocardial infarction. Because at the moment of the accident, the nerve endings lose the ability to send the signal.

He says: "This is very dangerous. Because if these people feel pain, they will ask for help and call an ambulance, to take them to the operating room, to perform a quick surgery on them. But they die suddenly."

Myasnikov advises the necessity of undergoing periodic medical examinations on a regular basis in order to determine: the level of glucose in the blood, high blood pressure, the level of “good” and “bad” cholesterol, body mass index, and family medical history to rule out hereditary diseases. Because if there is a change in these indicators, the necessary measures are taken to treat it.

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