Fox News: Hunter Biden testifies before Congress about his involvement and exploitation of his father’s name in financial “scandals” Fox News: Hunter Biden testifies before Congress about his involvement and exploitation of his father’s name in financial “scandals”

Fox News: Hunter Biden testifies before Congress about his involvement and exploitation of his father’s name in financial “scandals”

Fox News: Hunter Biden testifies before Congress about his involvement and exploitation of his father’s name in financial “scandals”

Fox News reported that US President Hunter Biden's son arrived in Congress today to testify under oath.

Hunter was summoned by the Republican-controlled House Oversight Committee, which is investigating the involvement of US President Joe Biden in the business dealings of his relatives, and the extent to which the president’s name has been exploited in their business dealings around the world.

Joe Biden himself and his family deny the accusations of his political opponents.

Hunter Biden had previously ignored his subpoenas to appear in Congress twice, to the point that they were preparing to begin proceedings for his contempt trial, but in the end his lawyers were able to agree on a date and how he would testify.

After graduating from Yale Law School, Hunter worked at MBNA America, a bank holding company based in Delaware that was later acquired by Bank of America.

However, his father's close relationship with the bank - one of Delaware's largest employers and a major contributor to his political campaigns - earned him the inappropriate nickname "MPNA Senator." As the younger Biden rose to the rank of executive vice president at the bank, his father pushed bankruptcy reform legislation through the Senate, which benefited the bank.

In early 2000, while still receiving consulting fees from the bank, Hunter founded a lobbying group in Washington that — according to Politico — landed him “clients with interests that overlapped with [his father’s] committee assignments and legislative priorities.”

He told The New Yorker that the relationship between father and son at the time was such that neither would talk to the other about the lobbyist's work. President Biden confirmed this when recent allegations of new wrongdoing by Hunter emerged.

In 2006, with then-Senator Biden named chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, his son and another relative made the purchase of a hedge fund, Paradigm Global Advisors.

Hunter and his relative continued to run Paradigm during Joe Biden's 2008 presidential run and his choice as President Barack Obama's running mate. During that period, the fund was linked to several criminal scams, including a Texas businessman who was convicted of running one of the largest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history. Hunter and his relative denied any wrongdoing and did not face any charges. In 2010, the fund was liquidated and the money was returned to investors.

Former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party argued that the foreign business dealings involving President Biden's son were suspicious and involved a conflict of interest.

From 2013 to 2016, he held a seat on the board of Chinese private equity firm BHR Partners, first as an unpaid member and later holding a 10 percent stake.

Trump, who insisted that Joe Biden is a "China puppet," repeatedly pointed to this position as evidence of what he described as his rival's corruption.

After his father left the White House in 2017, Hunter partnered with Chinese billionaire Yi Jianming - an oil tycoon - in a natural gas project in Louisiana. The deal appears to have collapsed after Chinese authorities arrested Ye on corruption charges and he subsequently disappeared.

But it is business dealings in Ukraine that have generated the most controversy.

In 2014, Hunter joined the board of directors of the Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma Holding, where he was reportedly paid up to $50,000 a month.

At that time, his father was actively involved in anti-corruption work in Ukraine. Vice President Biden rallied other Western leaders to call for the dismissal of the country's top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was accused of obstructing corruption investigations.

The Ukrainian parliament fired Shokin in 2016. Trump and some of his allies claimed he was ousted over the Burisma investigation.

House Republicans alleged that both Joe and Hunter Biden received payments worth $5 million from Burisma executives in exchange for firing Shokin. They based these claims on an FBI document known as FD-1023, which agents use to record information they obtain from confidential sources. President Biden called the allegations "a bunch of bullshit." 

Biden undergoes annual medical examinations

The White House press service reported on Wednesday that US President Joe Biden will head to Walter Reed Medical Center in the morning to undergo routine annual medical examinations for the country's president.

Biden undergoes annual medical examinations Biden attacks Trump: “He is almost the same age as me and does not remember his wife’s name.”
Journalists at the White House said: “Biden will go this morning, Washington time, to Walter Reed Military Medical Hospital near Washington, D.C..” American leaders are required to attend annually to undergo medical examinations and announce the results to the people.

It is worth noting that Biden will undergo a medical examination amid accusations of “dementia” leveled against him by his predecessor, Donald Trump, and his supporters. The results of the medical examinations are receiving great attention in the United States, while Biden, who is 81 years old , is seeking re-election for a new presidential term on the fifth of next November.

The White House indicated that a written summary of the routine annual medical examination that the president will conduct will be published later on Wednesday.

Biden and Trump have previously accused each other of "deteriorating mental health," and Donald Trump's last Republican Party rival, Nikki Haley, 52, said that the two men are too old for someone to assume the presidency of the United States and should undergo cognitive tests.

In the last two years, Biden's lapses have clearly increased, and he has become a rich topic for various media outlets. Opinion polls indicate that voters are more concerned about Biden's age than the age of Republican candidate Trump, who is 77 years old.

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