“In solidarity with Gaza.” Israeli media: Moroccan hashish merchants boycotted Israeli suppliers “In solidarity with Gaza.” Israeli media: Moroccan hashish merchants boycotted Israeli suppliers

“In solidarity with Gaza.” Israeli media: Moroccan hashish merchants boycotted Israeli suppliers

“In solidarity with Gaza.” Israeli media: Moroccan hashish merchants boycotted Israeli suppliers

Israeli media reported that “Moroccan drug dealers decided to boycott Israeli dealers and brokers against the backdrop of the war on the Gaza Strip.”

The "Mako" website indicated that "Moroccan cannabis merchants decided to boycott Israeli customers against the backdrop of the war on the Gaza Strip," and the website quoted an Israeli merchant as saying that they cannot communicate with Moroccan merchants, even through intermediaries, due to the Gaza war.

He added: "Our trade was damaged and we lost millions of shekels because merchants in Morocco stopped dealing with us."

The Israeli trader who lives in Morocco explained that “hundreds of tons of Moroccan hashish are sold to drug dealers in Europe, Scandinavia and France. At best, only a few hundred kilograms of Moroccan hashish reach Israel, and the price of a kilogram of Moroccan hashish can reach 300.” A thousand shekels in Israel is approximately 80 thousand dollars) and the demand for it in Israel is crazy because it is of very high quality, clean and strong.”

The website quoted a Moroccan trader in the Rif Mountains in Morocco as saying: “Why can the Israelis make a living selling Moroccan hashish while our Palestinian brothers are suffering from hunger and living in inhumane conditions? Go buy it elsewhere. We no longer sell hashish to the Israelis.”

The Moroccan merchant added to the website: “Before the war, we were doing business here with the Israelis, and the merchants came here and made good money, and now it is over.” 

Political thinker: Egypt will not hesitate to protect its security if it touches its territory

Egyptian Senator Abdel Moneim Saeed confirmed that the region is going through a critical stage in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as Israel continues to escalate its war on Gaza and its intention to invade Rafah.

In statements to the “Last Word” program, Abdel Moneim Saeed, a political thinker and member of the Senate, predicted “the continuation of Western and American inaction regarding the failure to take any measures that would prevent the invasion from occurring or dissuade Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from his plan,” pointing out that “no decisions have been issued.” An Israeli official indicates that the Palestinians in Rafah will be given the opportunity to flee again to the north before the invasion is carried out.

Saeed warned of the consequences of an Israeli invasion of Rafah without creating any initiatives to secure the city's 1.5 million Palestinians.

He added, explaining: “Perhaps Egypt is requesting some decisions from the Security Council, because we are facing a new matter that threatens the peace of the region and the world, and perhaps we will find a joint Arab effort in this direction,” stressing that the Egyptian position “does not support taking any military step except in the event of harming Egyptian lands.” "And that, "Egypt, in this case, the state will not hesitate to take what is necessary at this moment to protect its security."

The senator stressed the importance of resorting to diplomatic options as one of the solutions, as he explained: “There are 6 Arab countries that have signed peace treaties with Israel. It is very possible that Egypt and other countries will speak at this stage that they will take measures of a diplomatic nature, such as withdrawing. Ambassadors without entering the front line."

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation "Kan" reported that Tel Aviv informed a number of countries in the region and the United States that it was preparing for a military operation in the Rafah area.  

This comes after  the Israeli forces intensified their targeting in the southern Gaza Strip, especially in the city of Rafah , where more than a million Palestinians were displaced to the region as a result of the Israeli military operation in the Strip.

While CNN quoted an Israeli official that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  The War Council  was informed  of the date of completion of the Israeli army’s operation in Rafah by the beginning of the month of Ramadan, corresponding to March 10.

The government media office in Gaza warned of "a global catastrophe and massacre that could leave tens of thousands dead and wounded  if Rafah Governorate is invaded by the Israeli army."

It is noteworthy that Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant and other Israeli officials announced in recent days that  “the Israeli army will expand its ground operation to Rafah  to dismantle the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of the Hamas movement, in the city of Rafah.”
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