The first signs of dementia The first signs of dementia

The first signs of dementia

The first signs of dementia

Mood changes, memory problems, forgetting recent events, and inability to determine location, direction, and time all indicate dementia.

Dr. Karina Galiulina, a neurologist, indicated in an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia" that there are other, less obvious signs that also indicate dementia. For example, a person may hide his personal things somewhere, but then cannot remember the place.

She says: “Older people with dementia generally suffer from difficulties in perceiving new information, and they find it difficult to make decisions, and the simplest life situations lead to astonishment. They often find it difficult to follow a conversation or have difficulty finding words, and inattention continues. An elderly person asks the same question, listens to the answer with a detached gaze and cannot remember it in any way.”

She points out that changes in mood and behavior, such as anxiety or confusion, often occur before memory problems appear. They often notice a decrease in their interest in the feelings of others and avoid communicating with them.

She says: “Apathy, loss of interest in usual activities and hobbies, and refusal to work can be the first signs of dementia. Changes in personality and behavior are also observed for no apparent reason. Such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, verbal obsession, or Plyushkin syndrome, when an elderly person begins to collect unwanted things.” Necessary and he cannot critically evaluate his behavior, which is why the accumulated things interfere with normal life at home.”

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