The giant Opta computer predicts the identity of the 2024 Spanish League champion The giant Opta computer predicts the identity of the 2024 Spanish League champion

The giant Opta computer predicts the identity of the 2024 Spanish League champion

The giant Opta computer predicts the identity of the 2024 Spanish League champion

Opta Computer for Numbers and Statistics revealed its predictions for the team that won the Spanish Football League Champions League title, favoring Real Madrid to win by an overwhelming percentage.

The Opta giant computer is fed with the data and results of the competing clubs, to create simulation scenarios for the results of the matches from which the final standings are predicted.

According to the "Opta Computer" for football statistics, Real Madrid will seize the title with an overwhelming percentage of 98%, far superior to the rest of the league teams.

The report published by Opta indicated that the second team that could win the title is Barcelona with a rate of 1%.

The remaining percentage is distributed to Girona, which is in third place, with 0.8%, then Atletico Madrid, which is in fourth place, with 0.1%.

Real Madrid leads the La Liga standings for the current season, with 65 points, 8 points ahead of its closest rival, Barcelona, ​​the defending champion, with only 12 rounds of La Liga remaining.

Barcelona maintains a glimmer of hope to defend the title it won in the last edition of the Spanish League (2022-2023) with 88 points, a full 10 points behind Real Madrid, which finished the season in second place. 

Al Hilal Saudi informs Neymar about his contract

Al Hilal Saudi Club informed Brazilian Neymar da Silva, the team's star, of his desire to renew his contract with the team, in order for him to continue in the ranks of "Al-Zaeem" for as long as possible.

The Brazilian star's name has recently been linked to his departure from Al Hilal's ranks, especially after he suffered a rupture in the cruciate ligament in his knee, which he recently suffered with his country's national team.

According to what Marcelo Teixeira, president of the Brazilian club Santos, Neymar's former club, said in exclusive statements to the Saudi Al-Riyadiya newspaper: “Neymar informed us that Al-Hilal wants to extend his contract to compensate for the period he was absent due to injury, but the matter has not been officially done yet.”

He continued in his statements: “We are seriously following Neymar’s fate with the Saudi club and whether there will be a possibility for the player not to continue or not. We are following all of this closely in order to begin serious and official negotiations for the player’s return again.”

He explained regarding the possibility of the Saudi Al Hilal star returning to play in Brazil again: “The plan is ready for Neymar’s return, but that will certainly depend on his desire.”

The Brazilian star has an extended contract with Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia, until next summer 2025, meaning that next January he will have the right to negotiate with any other club without referring to the “Al-Zaeem” management.

It is noteworthy that Neymar participated with Al Hilal in the current season before the injury ruled him out in 5 matches, including the Roshan League and the AFC Champions League, during which he scored one goal and made three assists.

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