The identities of Chinese espionage suspects caught in Turkey have been revealed The identities of Chinese espionage suspects caught in Turkey have been revealed

The identities of Chinese espionage suspects caught in Turkey have been revealed

The identities of Chinese espionage suspects caught in Turkey have been revealed

Last week, it was reported that 6 suspects who were suspected of spying for China were arrested as part of an operation conducted by the Istanbul Prosecutor General's Office. Today, February 28, "Haber Türk" newspaper and "Haber Türk TV channel" news revealed the names of four of them. The report claims that people who spied for China in Turkey met with Chinese intelligence officials in Saudi Arabia. According to the report signed by Ceylan Sayat, reporter of "Haber Türk" newspaper, according to the arrest notice issued by the Terrorism and Organized Crime Bureau to arrest the criminal suspect, Shadeke Maýmaýtyaýzazý, an officer of the Ministry of National Security, which is China's spy agency, and the Chinese It has been confirmed that the deputy chairman of the Communist Party of China's Kaiyang County Committee met with China, surnamed Li, on the phone and face-to-face.

We called the Istanbul General Prosecutor's Office for more information, but no one answered our phone.

According to Khaber Turk news, since the early 2000s, Mamtaziz has been meeting with spies such as Mutuullah, a former official of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, and Ulimjan, an official of the Chinese Ministry of State Security, through cell phones and face-to-face.

According to the Turkish National Intelligence Service, Chinese spy suspect Sadiq Mametaziz chose outside of Turkey to meet with Chinese intelligence officials.

According to the case file published by "Haber Turk", Sadiq Mamataziz went to Hong Kong in February 2023, and from Hong Kong to Qaylik County, Kashgar Province, he met face-to-face with two spies named Lee and Alimjan. Then he met Alimjan in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. met again. In order to hide the meetings, Chinese intelligence officials in China and Saudi Arabia issued two different passports to Mamataziz. It was recorded that the criminal suspect continued to travel to and from the Uyghur land with ease, especially after 2017. After that, Sadiq Mamataziz, who returned to Turkey in August 2023, found out the addresses of East Turkistan organizations and societies in Turkey, as well as the addresses of Uyghur public figures living in Turkey, collected photos and documents, and met with Chinese intelligence officials.

We interviewed Sadiq Mamataziz's son and father living in Istanbul. He said that he and his father have been living separately for two years, but he does not consider his father a criminal. He does not believe the news published about his father until the court's final decision.

According to the information published in "Haber Türk" newspaper, the Istanbul General Prosecutor's Office found out that Sadiq Mametaziz, acting on the instructions received from the Chinese intelligence agency, moved to live in the area where the public figure Abdur Qadir lives, and in January 2023, he was unable to find a house in Istanbul's metropolitan area. . He also took over the task of gathering information about the Uyghurs in Syria using a man named Abdullah who worked at a Uyghur bakery in Zeitinburnu. In 2023, Sadiq Mamataziz received $7,000 in Beijing and $15,000 in Saudi Arabia in exchange for spying for China.

We interviewed this person named Abdullah in Zeitinburnu. He said that he doesn't know a person named Mamataziz, but he knows a person from the slums. He comes to his shop once every two or three days and asks. One day, he came and said, "I wanted to help people who are in trouble. Are there any mujahid children from the slums? If you know me, I will ask. He expressed that he asked, but said that he did not know such people.

According to the arrest warrant issued for one of the suspects, Habibullah Urumqi, it was stated that Habibullah Urumqi acted as an intermediary in the transfer of money from a spy named Ulimjan to Sadiq Mamataziz. It was determined that Habibullah Urumqi acted together with Sadik Mamataziz in Pakistan and traveled abroad many times.

According to the report, one of the suspects, Hashim Sabit, recently went to Saudi Arabia under the pretext of performing Umrah and met with Chinese intelligence spies, and it was revealed that Sadiq Mamataziz received money from China under the guise of operating through Hashim.

Abdullah Nasser, one of the suspects, has been meeting with a Chinese intelligence officer named Xuegang Zhong, who introduced himself as a Chinese consulate officer, and has been living with him in a hotel in Bursa. It was revealed that Abdulla Nasir, who knew the spy named Alimjan, had a large number of passport records.

In the early morning hours of February 20, the Istanbul Anti-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Directorate launched a joint operation in Istanbul and abducted 7 suspects believed to be spying for Chinese intelligence at the same time. He released an operator named Akhmetjan.

We interviewed Akhmetjan, who was released from prison. Akhmetjan said that he had no connection with the 6 people who were recently arrested, and that he was released after he was abducted and had problems with the deposit he kept in the store.

Currently, the case is still under investigation.


  1. The recent arrests in Istanbul linked to alleged Chinese espionage have raised concerns. The detailed accounts suggest intricate operations spanning international borders, posing significant challenges for Turkish authorities and highlighting espionage's evolving nature.

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