A fan who mocked Manchester United's air tragedy was arrested A fan who mocked Manchester United's air tragedy was arrested

A fan who mocked Manchester United's air tragedy was arrested

A fan who mocked Manchester United's air tragedy was arrested

A fan was arrested in the Manchester derby

Police officers arrested a Manchester City fan during the Manchester derby - yesterday, Sunday - at the Etihad Stadium because he chanted offensive slogans towards United fans, in reference to the air tragedy that the club suffered in 1958.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that they had arrested a person at a Premier League match “following reports received from fans.”

Police released the fan on bail on Monday following the incident that occurred during City's 3-1 win over United.

Pictures widely circulated on social media showed a person moving the plane, in apparent mockery of the Munich air disaster in 1958, in which 23 people were killed, including 8 Red Devils players.

Criminalizing chants associated with sporting tragedies
Last year, Premier League clubs agreed on measures to address the increase in chanting associated with tragedies at matches, with a focus on criminal prosecution of violators as a primary goal.

The UK government acknowledged this, responding by saying it was "committed to tackling all harmful behavior at football matches. Existing legislation could be used to prosecute those who engage in chants about tragedies and death at football."

"The current law could be used to prosecute violators who chant or scream about tragedies and death at football matches," she added.

In April 2023, a petition to make chanting about tragedies at football matches a criminal offense gained more than 17,000 signatures within a week.

This came after chants related to the Hillsborough Stadium disaster in 1989 during Liverpool's matches against Chelsea and Manchester United in the Premier League, during which a Manchester United fan who mocked the disaster was arrested.

Fan James White wore a shirt bearing the number 97 and the phrase “Not Enough” in reference to the number of Liverpool fans who died in the stadium tragedy in 1989, while attending the FA Cup final between Manchester City and United, which ended with a 2-1 defeat for the Red Devils.

The fan pleaded guilty in Willesden Magistrates Court, which issued - in conjunction with the Football Association - an order banning him for 4 years, in addition to a financial fine. The club also decided to ban him indefinitely from attending matches.

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