Al-Qaradaghi calls on Muslims to support Gaza during Ramadan and support South Africa Al-Qaradaghi calls on Muslims to support Gaza during Ramadan and support South Africa

Al-Qaradaghi calls on Muslims to support Gaza during Ramadan and support South Africa

Al-Qaradaghi calls on Muslims to support Gaza during Ramadan and support South Africa

The head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Ali Al-Qaradaghi, called on Islamic governments to support South Africa and to compensate for the harm it is exposed to as a result of Israel’s judicial prosecution, calling on Muslims to support the people of Gaza as much as possible, as the Strip is being subjected to “genocide, killing, destruction and starvation.”

The President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Ali Al-Qaradaghi, said that the Israeli “genocide” war on the Gaza Strip has proven that the West today has no principles or values, calling on “Islamic and humanitarian governments” to support South Africa in its prosecution of Tel Aviv before the International Court of Justice.

Al-Qaradaghi pointed out on Monday in a press interview that “the resistance in Gaza has not and will not be defeated, God willing, but the humanitarian situation is very, very painful,” explaining that “the Zionist position is in a stage of weakness in terms of moral strength and moral aspects.”


He added, "History did not witness, neither the days of the Mongols nor the Tatars, such a tragedy of extermination, killing, destruction, and starvation."

Al-Qarah Daghi called on the Muslims to "do what they can do and be aware of the hunger and disease that our brothers in Gaza are suffering from."

Al-Qaradaghi issued a fatwa that it is permissible for someone who wants to perform Umrah to donate his money to the residents of Gaza, and he said: “I give a fatwa that the person who wants to perform the recommended Umrah in Ramadan should give the value of the recommended Umrah to our brothers in Gaza, so his reward with God Almighty will be more than that.” .

Regarding whether there are Israeli dangers to the occupied city of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan, he stated that “this extremist right-wing Nazi government (in Israel) is doing everything in its power. If it were able to demolish Al-Aqsa, it would do so.”

He added: “The flood of Al-Aqsa (Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7) was nothing but protection for Al-Aqsa. They brought five red cows to slaughter them on the basis that Al-Aqsa Mosque would be demolished by any means. Then, according to their chants and rituals, these cows would be slaughtered, so anything is possible.” .

Support South Africa

Regarding the current trial of the Israeli occupation before the International Court of Justice, Al-Qaradaghi said: “We, at the beginning, called in one of our statements to put on trial this criminal, racist government, in which there is not a single crime, but rather hundreds of crimes that deserve or should be a reason to prosecute those who cause it.” "With it."

He continued: “Dozens of crimes, the demolition of hospitals and mosques, the killing of civilians, women and children, the prevention of food, all of these are crimes. Now we asked to meet the President of South Africa (Cyril Ramaphosa), and he agreed to meet us and sent us his ambassador to Qatar. We call on all Islamic governments, and even humanitarian governments.” "We want to support this position so that the South African government does not stand alone in the arena."

He explained: “The ambassador spoke to us and said that the state of South Africa is being harmed (by its persecution of Israel), but for the sake of principles we are ready (to continue). I ask our Islamic countries to compensate for this harm with support, support and investments, because global investments, unfortunately, are mostly in the hands of Jews, Americans and countries.” Western".

The position of the West

Regarding the position of Western countries regarding what Gaza is being exposed to, he said: “In the West, everything no longer has value. Principles have become worthless. There are no legal and humanitarian principles as we see in Gaza. There is no international law, no humanitarian law, and no human mercy. Humanitarian principles and humanitarian laws were placed under "The legs of the Zionists."

He stressed that "if values ​​collapse, the only refuge that can restore these true principles and constants to all of humanity is Islam only. Therefore, the nation must cherish Islam, restore its respectability and adhere to the required commitment."

He concluded by saying, "This nation must return to its balance. Today, the entire world is in need of Islamic values ​​and Islamic principles, but those who lack something cannot give it. If we are not committed to these acts of worship, we are not committed to our Islamic morals, and we cannot influence others."​​​​​​


  1. Al-Qaradaghi calls on Muslims to support Gaza during Ramadan and support South Africa

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