Canada will ban arms sales to Israel Canada will ban arms sales to Israel

Canada will ban arms sales to Israel

Canada will ban arms sales to Israel

Trenton, Canada - Canada will ban all arms shipments to Israel, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly announced on Tuesday (19/3).

The move came after lawmakers voted 204 - 117 in favor of a non-binding motion to stop arms sales after a lengthy debate on Monday (18/3).

"This is a real step," Joly told The Toronto Star newspaper. The initial proposal was to suspend arms sales, but was later changed to an outright ban.

The motion also includes a clause calling for support for the "establishment of a Palestinian State" together with Canada's international partners.

Canada had previously imposed a temporary suspension of export permits for military goods and technology.

However, there was previous confusion as Canada's Global Affairs office continued to accept applications for arms exports to Israel and those applications were reviewed on a case-by-case basis, the Star reported.

However, Joly stressed that after Monday's vote calling for a gun ban, the government decided to keep its promise.

Defense Minister Bill Blair said Joly would decide how the ban was enforced.

"There are some existing contracts, but this is the basis for the future, I think that's the minister's view," Blair told the Star.

"There have been many concerns expressed regarding the sale of lethal military equipment to Israel during the conflict," he continued.


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