Consequences of copper deficiency in the body Consequences of copper deficiency in the body

Consequences of copper deficiency in the body

Consequences of copper deficiency in the body

Mineral elements, such as potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron, rank high when it comes to health. But copper is neglected, even though it plays a major role in the body.

Copper is considered an important element for the body, so how do we maintain its balance and what are its sources?

Copper is found in the liver, pancreas, heart and other organs. It can be obtained from nuts (especially almonds and quiche), seeds (especially sunflower seeds), grains, legumes, meat (especially liver), fish, milk and dairy products. There are diets that provide the body with sufficient amounts of copper. In general, the body rarely suffers from a copper deficiency in cases of good nutrition, as an average adult needs 120 mg of copper per day.

A lack of copper in the body leads above all to neuropathy, unsteady walking, poor sensitivity of the hands, disturbance of motor coordination, and premature baldness.

The main reason for copper deficiency in the body is high levels of zinc. Because these two elements compete with each other in the process of absorption in the intestine. That is, a high level of one in the body indicates a deficiency of the other. Therefore, when a person eats foods containing the two elements, the body must determine which one to absorb first.

A deficiency of one of them due to a high level of the other can lead to various problems, such as neurological disorders, problems with the immune system, and others. Medicines containing iron or vitamin C also prevent the absorption of copper, leading to its imbalance in the body.

On the other hand, failure to control the level of copper in the body can lead to memory disturbance, anxiety, depression, degeneration of the nervous system, liver damage, and problems with connective tissue and bones.

A high level of copper in the body can be observed in the eyes. One of the main reasons for excess copper in the body is genetic diseases such as Wilson's disease, in which the body is unable to get rid of excess copper, which leads to its accumulation. Excessive consumption of foods rich in copper and the use of copper utensils to cook food leads to an increase in its level in the body.


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