Due to the conscription law, more and more Kachin youths are going abroad Due to the conscription law, more and more Kachin youths are going abroad

Due to the conscription law, more and more Kachin youths are going abroad

Due to the conscription law, more and more Kachin youths are going abroad

In Kachin State, since the Militia Conscription Law was not enacted, militia groups have been facing arrests to recruit new recruits, and the military council has become more concerned after the law was enacted, so the young people said they are trying to escape from this situation.

Under the military council, some young people who did not want to serve in the military went to foreign countries in various ways, and some decided to take refuge with the revolutionary forces.

"It's not unusual because the Malay government is also arresting people who come and live illegally."

A young resident of Myitkyina said that it is no longer safe to walk around and live on a daily basis, so they tried to escape.

"Before this law is enacted in 2024, everyone has their own dreams. After the enactment of this law, it has become quite difficult to realize these dreams. And actually going out, For example, even if you go to a restaurant, it's no longer safe.

Due to insecurity at home, young people who leave for foreign countries in various ways are still facing difficulties.

Just these days, Malaban, a young man from Kachin State who is in Thailand, is trying to get legal residence in the other country after leaving Burma.

"All the young people who feel insecure are finding it difficult to live with a visa when they come here, and it is also difficult to get jobs. Right now, when I come here, it's difficult to get a visa to live here, but it's difficult to get a legal residence right now."

U La Sain, chairman of the Kachin Refugee Committee of Malaysia, said that more and more Kachin youths came to Malaysia after the law on military service was promulgated.

"Two weeks after they issued the order, the number of people coming to this side of Malaysia has more than doubled than usual. Now this is the situation in Malaysia. Both the Thai side Both the Indian side and I have talked to each other, and we know that people from that side have significantly crossed the border two weeks after this announcement."

In Malaysia, there is no humanitarian aid for refugees, there are few job opportunities, and because there are many arrests of illegal residents, it is difficult for Burmese people to come to Malaysia.

He said that there are at least 60 Kachin youth who are currently being arrested and imprisoned for living illegally due to the Malaysian government's arrest.

A Kachin youth, Nor Ong, who is living in Malaysia illegally (contraband) because he is afraid of being drafted, is also living in fear because of the high number of arrests in Malaysia.

"Yes, those who have been arrested in Myanmar have been released. But here too, it's no different. Now that we know everything, it is no different because this Malay government is also arresting people who come and live illegally."

U Win Naing, a member of the Moe Kaung Township People's Hluttaw of the National League for Democracy (NLD), said that the future of young people is being lost because of this law.

"The difficulty is there, the main thing is that all young people struggle for opportunities. Whether it's educational opportunities, Whether it's a job opportunity or not, it will directly interfere with that. Mainly because of this, they will issue instructions, There will be abuse and chaos below, It is our future youth who are being sacrificed. Just like that, I'm going to review it."

According to this law, men between the ages of 18 and 35; Women between the ages of 18 and 27 must serve in the military.

Doctors who are designated as experts engineering People who are educated in industrial arts or other professions must serve in the military from the age of 18 to 45 for men and from the age of 18 to 35 for women.

General Zaw Min Tun, spokesman for the Military Council, stated in the February 15th edition of the Military Council-controlled newspapers that 50,000 troops will be recruited every year after this law is implemented. General Zaw Min Tun said that according to the 2019 transit census, there are at least 13 million people who are eligible for military service. According to this law, if a person who is summoned to serve in the military does not do his duty and refuses to do so, he will be sentenced to five years in prison.


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