What is the true effect of magnetic storms on health? What is the true effect of magnetic storms on health?

What is the true effect of magnetic storms on health?

What is the true effect of magnetic storms on health?

Dr. Yekaterina Koshkina, a cardiologist, points out that magnetic storms do not increase the probability of hospitalization or early death.

According to her, according to data from the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Earth will witness severe magnetic storms in the second half of this March. Although many people are accustomed to expecting health problems, these fears are unfounded.

“In many years of practice in the intensive care unit, I have not noticed a single increase in hospitalizations during magnetic storms,” she says. “And the number of deaths has not increased either.”

It indicates that humans and pacemakers are not affected by magnetic storms, as no deviations in the operation of the aforementioned devices have been recorded on such days.
The doctor believes that the deterioration of the health condition that some patients complain about during days of magnetic storms is related to a psychological and imaginary factor. 

"Once, a woman came to us with a hypertensive crisis," she says. "She insisted that she feels ill during magnetic storms. She constantly listens to forecasts and anticipates problems in advance. This time they promised a special glow, and the woman circled the 'appointed day'." "In the calendar. She woke up in the morning feeling dizzy and nauseous, and called an ambulance. It turned out that she was so worried that she forgot to take the prescribed pills for two days, did not sleep, and because of the extreme stress, she even ate salty herring. For this reason, her blood pressure level rose."

The doctor recommends that everyone who is sensitive to magnetic storms conduct an experiment that includes recording all the symptoms they feel in a special record within two months, and paying attention to predictions of magnetic storms. Then it can be determined whether magnetic storms affect their health condition or not. And you think it won't affect.


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