Why shouldn't you exercise with makeup? Why shouldn't you exercise with makeup?

Why shouldn't you exercise with makeup?

Why shouldn't you exercise with makeup?

A new study warns women against applying cosmetic foundation to the face while exercising, explaining its harmful effects on the skin and its pores.
The research team used a skin analysis device to examine the skin of 43 healthy participants (20 males and 23 females), before and after walking for 20 minutes.

The researchers applied foundation to half of the face (the forehead and upper cheeks), while the other half of the face remained clean.

They discovered that moisture increased after exercise in all areas of the face. However, the team said there is a greater increase in moisture in areas covered by makeup, which prevents moisture evaporation from the skin.

The size of the pores in skin without makeup increases after exercising, which may indicate that applying foundation may clog the pores.

At the same time, the oil level increased in the areas of the face without makeup, and decreased in the areas with makeup.

“The results suggest that using foundation during exercise can reduce skin oil, causing dryness,” the researchers wrote in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. “In addition, makeup can clog pores and increase sebum production.” "The study has important insights for people, and encourages them to consider the potential consequences of using make-up while exercising."

When sebum, dead skin cells and other substances get trapped inside the pores, it can lead to spots.

“For healthy skin, it is best to exercise without wearing makeup,” said corresponding author Dongsun Park, of the Korea National University of Education.

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