At least 100,000 young men tried to flee their homes because of the conscription law : Myanmar At least 100,000 young men tried to flee their homes because of the conscription law : Myanmar

At least 100,000 young men tried to flee their homes because of the conscription law : Myanmar

At least 100,000 young men tried to flee their homes because of the conscription law

According to a report released on April 13 by the Burmese Affairs and Conflict Studies Group (BACS), there are at least 100,000 young people who tried to flee their homes after the military council activated the militia conscription law in Myanmar.

People avoid leaving their homes because of the military service law. joining the revolutionary armed forces; self-judgment, It is said that the district administrators responded in various ways, such as not cooperating with the military council.

More than 80,000 people evaded overseas because of the military service law. According to the BACS report, there were nearly 20,000 domestic evacuees and six suicides. This information is based on reports in the news media.

Bagu Division, which does not want to be named for security reasons, said that because of the conscription law, the people are being recruited in various ways. A resident of Payi City told RFA.

"If we are in the western townships of Bago Division, we are hearing about arrests in different ways according to each township. In Nat Talin and Tarpon, in the western part of Baguio, the two men were not found in the lottery, and the family was arrested. He said that he would kill the deserters if they came. I've heard threats."

According to the report of the BACS group, about 5,000 young men from all over the country were sent to 15 military academies by the end of March after the Militia Conscription Law was activated on February 10. In addition, more than two thousand people from forty townships were recruited as militia, including more than nine hundred Rohingya.

A resident of Mandalay, who did not want to be named, said that the recruitment for the No. 1 military service training has been completed, so he is anxiously watching the recruitment for the next training.

"As for military service, before Thingyan there was an uproar and enumeration. Those who called said it was over. I will call you back after Thingyan. I said that I will start doing it in May. What will people do after Thingyan? politics economy We have to think about the war depending on that."

The mother of a young man who committed suicide while being recruited for military training, No. 1, told RFA that she is still grieving for her son.

"Because I still feel it inside. Poor mind. When my son came to the neighborhood elder and told me that this family had won the vote, my son had been sleeping day and night. After not sleeping day and night, my spirits fell."

Due to the security situation, RFA could not disclose the details of the person who encountered the incident.

According to the report of the BACS group, the military council carried out activities to implement the military service law in 224 townships across the country, and 186 townships conducted enumeration and the remaining 38 townships conducted propaganda campaigns.

CDM Captain Lin Chet Aung, who participated in the non-violent civil disobedience movement, believes that the military council can mainly use the force gained by the conscription law in fighting.

"Mainly, I believe that the force gained by this conscription law will be mainly used in their fighting force. This is certain. When the army no longer has the strength to do it for them, it can be said that this is a purposeful plan to use only the youth of the people as their military force.

According to the law of military service, those who have attended military training will be sent back to the station near their place of residence, he said, is just propaganda and people need to avoid it as much as possible.

U Than Soe Naing, a political analyst, also said that young people should get away from the Military Council's forced military recruitment.

"Nearby PDFs, ethnic organizations, To go to the field of armed organizations. You can go to the field if you don't want to do military service there. You can do CDM. That's why I want to say that the important thing is to get out of there without being forcibly abducted by them."

The military council has passed the conscription law and recruitment of military forces in Yangon, Mandalay Division Irrawaddy Division The BACS report pointed out that Nay Pyi Taw and Southern Shan State may be targeted.

RFA contacted the militia recruitment center about the BACS team's report by telephone, but received no response.

Military leader General Min Aung Hlaing said at the (79th) Military Day parade held on March 27 that when developing a militia strategy to stabilize the country, an organized militia law must be implemented.


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