Unusual symptoms of allergy Unusual symptoms of allergy

Unusual symptoms of allergy

Unusual symptoms of allergy

Different symptoms appear on the body when an allergic attack occurs, but there are other symptoms that may sometimes be unknown to some.

Regarding the topic, the Russian doctor and allergy specialist, Anna Shulyaeva, said: “Allergy symptoms have various forms. Some may appear in the form of itchy skin, some may suffer from frequent sneezing and nasal congestion, and other symptoms may appear on the body that may be incomprehensible to others.” to the patient."

She added: "Sometimes an unconventional symptom of allergy is itching in the ears. Our hearing organs become sensitive as a result of their exposure to viruses, bacteria, fungi, and some external factors."

The doctor pointed out that one of the allergic reactions is an increase in body temperature, and this symptom is often a reaction to taking some types of medications or when exposed to insect bites.

Shulyaeva advised those who notice the appearance of incomprehensible symptoms on the body sometimes to seek help from a doctor immediately, and if the doctor discovers that the symptoms are caused by an allergy, he will in turn refer the patient to a specialist in these diseases.

The Russian doctor and pulmonologist, Olga Gladchenko, also mentioned during an interview that symptoms of seasonal allergy to pollen may appear in the form of a runny and itchy nose, redness and swelling of the eyelids, conjunctivitis, and difficulty breathing.


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