Douyin notifies users to stop pushing current affairs and other information Douyin notifies users to stop pushing current affairs and other information

Douyin notifies users to stop pushing current affairs and other information

Douyin notifies users to stop pushing current affairs and other information

Chinese social media TikTok recently informed creators on the platform that it will no longer support the publication of content on social affairs, finance, law or medical care. Some netizens are worried that personal accounts will lose the business environment as a result, and more netizens are confused about Douyin’s above-mentioned notice and subsequent response.

Douyin recently issued a notice to its customers, stating that “in order to optimize the creator experience, Douyin no longer supports accounts that mainly publish content on social affairs, finance, law, or medical care, or that have a large number of fans and great influence. Commercial promotion account, establish an authorization relationship including the ability to publish content. "If the creator's account has made such authorization, the corresponding authorization relationship will be terminated starting from May 15, 2024.

The above notice caused netizens to worry that their personal accounts would not be able to repost current affairs and financial information. On May 13, the relevant person in charge of Douyin responded to reporters from The Paper, saying that online restrictions on the publication of current political, financial, legal or medical content were “false information.” The relevant adjustment is the commercial material publishing authorization function, which does not affect the creator's other monetization or commercialization capabilities, including self-publishing commercial materials, advertising, e-commerce, etc., and does not involve content creation.

However, most netizens believe that Douyin’s response is even more confusing. Mr. Huang, a current affairs commentator in Guizhou, said in an interview with Radio Free Asia on Tuesday that the back-biting remarks on Douyin platform are full of sophistry and denial. He said: "The Douyin platform issued restrictions on the release of current affairs and financial information, and it was written in black and white. The reason why he did this was directly related to the pressure from the network security regulatory authorities. This is that the security of network information is related to the country's political security and regime stability. Key factor."

Douyin netizens left a message in the comment area asking, what do Douyin want to say? Please tell me if current affairs news can be forwarded? Some netizens said that it would be better to just close Douyin, so that you wouldn’t be able to see us talking. Another netizen said, can the water of the Yellow River be blocked? Others said, "It's a restriction. Sure enough, refuting rumors is the rumor itself" and "It's natural to ban things that are shady."

Scholar Mr. Huang said: “When the news of the Douyin platform restricting the release of current political and financial information came out and aroused great public attention, the Douyin platform flatly denied it. This is a typical example of ‘being a bitch at the same time. Another way to build a memorial arch."

Douyin’s official customer service told Blue Whale News, “In order to protect the rights and interests of creators and optimize the creator experience, Douyin has adjusted the account authorization function in commercial promotion scenarios, including no longer supporting government media organizations or publishing social affairs, finance , legal or medical content, or accounts with a high number of fans and great influence, and commercial promotion accounts (including huge advertising accounts, huge Qianchuan accounts, huge local promotion accounts, etc.) to establish content publishing We ask for your understanding." However, no matter how netizens inquire whether they can repost current affairs, finance, legal or medical content, Douyin still does not respond directly.

Mr. Chang, a scholar from Inner Mongolia, told this station that Douyin’s behavior is simple and crude. He explained: "He used a one-size-fits-all blocking model to manage. Douyin posted it, which of course touched the sensitive points and unspoken rules of the Chinese media industry, and put such a relatively shameful image in front of the public. Of course, Douyin will have to bear the cost of being repaired by the news regulatory authorities.”

Comment: Official policies are all about improving surveillance

According to the WeChat public account "Media News", Douyin regulates the marketing and promotion of finance, current affairs, law, medical and other content. In the past, these contents could be purchased for traffic promotion, but in the future, traffic will not be allowed. Some analysts believe that Douyin’s move can reduce the spread of potentially misleading information, protect users from false advertising or false information, and maintain the quality of platform content.

Commentator Mr. Zhou told this station that Douyin’s restrictions on current affairs and finance were not motivated by protecting the interests of consumers, because consumers are always a vulnerable group in China. For decades, he has never felt that he is a vulnerable group. Being taken seriously: "It is obvious that it is launching such an action at this time to shake the mountain and shake up the tiger. This must come from a unified deployment from a higher level."


  1. Douyin's recent notice limits accounts from posting content on social affairs, finance, law, and medical care, causing confusion and concern among users.

  2. confusion and concern among users.

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